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Take Back Your Passion for Life


By Lisa Camerlengo

 If you’ve lost the spring in your step and find yourself trudging through the day-to-day, longing for the weekends, consider the incredible story of Passion 4 Life founder Charles Van Kessler and his equally amazing liquid vitamin supplement.


Born in Amsterdam, Van Kessler was raised in a state-run orphanage after losing his family in World War II. He came to the U.S. in 1964, suffering the effects of malnourishment and abuse endured during his childhood. He sought a way to enhance both his body and mind, and after spending money on expensive vitamin supplements that didn’t do the job, he vowed to create a product that would.

“The problem with vitamin pills is that they cannot be absorbed by the body,” Van Kessler says. “I looked high and low for a liquid vitamin product, but couldn’t find one. So, I created my own.”

After decades of research and experimentation into nutrition and absorption with bioengineers, nutritionists and medical professionals, while working two jobs to support his family, Van Kessler’s Passion 4 Life emerged in 2006. (The name, of course, originated from his own passion for life and for creating the product itself.) The uniquely combined liquid vitamin supplement is made from 135 whole-based food ingredients, and contains essential vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals and antioxidants. Easily absorbed, the daily dose of one liquid ounce (2 tbsp.) of Passion 4 Life is designed to provide energy, endurance, stamina and strengthen the immune system.

Putting Passion 4 Life to the test, Van Kessler sent bottles to many people to see how they would feel after taking it. He received hundreds of unpaid and unsolicited testimonials – Regis Philbin among them – describing a better quality of life and, more specifically, improved focus, better sleeping patterns, less aches and pains from everyday stress, decrease in allergy attacks, clearer complexion, stronger nails and shinier hair. In some cases, Van Kessler says, it has even helped children with autism, ADD and ADHD. (He adds that Passion 4 Life is safe for children, since it does not contain sugar, soy, wheat, caffeine, gluten, dairy, artificial flavors or artificial colors). And, if the taste of other vitamins has turned you off in the past, Van Kessler promises that the great flavor of Passion 4 Life will be a welcome change.

Since it’s easy to be skeptical when it comes to dietary supplements, Van Kessler offers a money-back guarantee. He encourages people to give it a try because eating healthy isn’t enough anymore. In fact, Van Kessler started his 102-year-old mother-in-law on Passion 4 Life about four months ago, and says, “She’s raving about the results.” 

Van Kessler donates a portion of the proceeds of Passion 4 Life to his charity, Passion 4 K.I.D.S. (Kids in Desperate Situations), which he established in 1986, and actively oversees with his wife, Linda.

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