Team BELLA: How do you Nurture Your Mind, Body + Spirit?



When I learned we are holistic beings—when it actually clicked—the healthier and happier I was able to become in my life. The beauty of that “a-ha moment” was that it carried through in my relationships, how I run my companies, my marriage, and how I mother. I was able to let go of the things that did not serve me. Here’s what has worked for me:

• MIND: Morning meditations. Also, therapy—it saves lives. Reading and writing also help me maintain my sanity.

• BODY: Yoga. Nothing else I’ve tried has helped me feel stronger or more in control of my body. The emotional and psychological benefits are added bonuses. Because eating disorders took hold of a better part of my life, at the height of the pandemic my husband and I shifted our eating habits with nutrition as the goal. I haven’t had a migraine headache in about a year. This new way has literally changed my life.

•SPIRIT: I grew up with very strict Catholic values. As I have matured and lived my life, I can say today I am more spiritual than religious. I’ve always said, however, that there is no shame in my faith game. I pray fiercely and believe in God with child-like wonder. My life is a testament to that. I hold on to that belief unapologetically.

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I have always been avid about fitness and body image, but only in recent years have I learned the importance of staying fit, but in a healthy way. Preparing healthy meals at home, keeping a vigorous step count running around New York City, and regular fitness classes (I love Rumble Boxing) have helped me maintain a healthy body, which in turn fosters a healthy mind. I am also an advocate for mental health and breaking the stigma around seeking therapy. Working with a therapist has helped transform my mind, attitude, and overall outlook on life. Lastly, I am learning the practice of meditation, which not only calms my mind, but recharges my spirit. The synergies of all these practices help me to consistently nurture my mind, body, and spirit.



I must take a walk every day. I pick a different neighborhood to explore. If the weather is bad, I pop into the mall and walk. But being outside and seeing the beauty of nature is very renewing.



We nurture our minds, bodies, and spirits by splurging on spa facials every chance we can. With our busy family and work schedules, these splurges usually happen every other month, but we look forward to it during very busy times. Whether it’s a microdermabrasion facial, a purifying treatment, or a hydrating facial, we know we are going to feel pampered and come away looking like a million bucks! to take a long, joyful stroll down memory lane.



Since entering my 30s a few years ago, this is something I’ve continually put a greater emphasis on in my life. I think it’s so important to live as balanced a life as possible, and when you neglect yourself, it affects everything. Since I really struggle with meditation, I instead turn to adult coloring books, which help me to relax, destress, and unwind (and create something beautiful!). To take care of my body, I luckily love working out and can’t live without incorporating some kind of fitness into my everyday life—whether that’s weightlifting, Pilates, HIIT, or just taking a walk around the city. Spirituality, I think, is different for everyone, and I’ve never been particularly religious, so I work on setting goals for myself, following people who make me feel good, and I am trying to implement more manifestation into my life.



My favorite way to recalibrate after a stressful day: snuggling on the couch with a weighted blanket and burning a candle. My Life in Lilac – Always Welcome Candle ($29, brings me instant joy and a feeling of belonging. The wonderfully blended scent of spice and cedar instantly ushers me to serenity, and I immediately feel anchored with the warm base of cedar and the spiced top notes. Always Welcome is part of a new luxe line of candles and home accessories by Jen Reed, and the entire collection is quite heavenly!



I work to keep my mind, body, and spirit uplifted with regular vigorous exercise. I’ve been a fitness afficionado for decades, first as a kickboxing instructor, and for the past seven years
as a CrossFit and obstacle course race junkie. You’ll catch me almost every day at 8 a.m. in my local CrossFit box, challenging myself alongside a group of people from all walks of life who have chosen to step outside their comfort zones. We’ve all become instant friends—there’s just something about reaching a point of exhaustion and using sheer will to push yourself harder than you think possible on a regular basis that bonds you!

The things I’ve been able to overcome and achieve in my fitness journey—from scaling six-foot walls and climbing ropes to deadlifting 200+ pounds and conquering double- unders—continue to encourage me when I feel discouraged in other areas of my life. Living an active, healthy life fueled by determination gives me with the motivation I need to always believe in myself and know that I can do hard things.



I take long walks at the beach near me to clear my mind and decompress with some alone-time. It nurtures my mind by allowing meditation, nurtures my body by moving and walking, and nurtures my spirit by allowing me to experience the natural beauty and wonders of this world and God’s creation. The sound of the waves and looking out onto the horizon soothes my soul.


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