Thankful's International Women's Day Event

The Thankful​ organization is a global movement that reveals the abundance of the good in our world by reminding us all that we have so much to be Thankful for. Thankful is a ray of light shining into the hearts of us all, revealing the small, everyday Thankful Moments we take for granted daily. Thankfuls goal is to increase thankfulness and positivity while inspiring individuals and/or organizations to strengthen our communities by creating Thankful Moments for those less fortunate. In a world where we are constantly reminded of all that is wrong, taking the time to recognize and reflect on what is good, can have a positive impact not only on our health and well-being but also on those around us.

Thankful​, in conjunction with Tavern On The Green, ​hosted a luncheon for 120 people on Thursday, March 8th to celebrate International Women’s Day, to support, honor and celebrate women from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Working with local shelters who provide refuge to women who have been victims of violence, current residents were invited to lunch in an effort to remind them that they are worthy of celebration and to acknowledge their journey. The celebrated women were pampered with makeovers courtesy of Glam Squad​. The looks were completed with apparel donated from Romeo ​+​ Juliet ​and empowering words from Donna D’ Cruz​ who started the day by leading a meditation. The crowd was also enlightened and entertained by the keynote speakers, Khaliya​ and Biet Simkin​. Victoria Canal​ gave  an astounding vocal medley accompanied by piano just before, True Rodriguez​ gave a spirit rising poetry performance to end the event. The energy in the room was electric and everyone left feeling inspired to dig deeper into their inner vault of Thankful Moments to appreciate the little things. Everyone was moved to flower the Thankful Tree with the logo notepads filled with hand written notes of what they were Thankful for. This was truly a Thankful moment.

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