The 28-Day Challenge, by Robert Brace


Although the coronavirus pandemic has limited us from going to the gym, the 28-day Challenge by Robert Brace, a Mind-Body-Soul connector, is the perfect at home replacement that will help you adjust to a new fitness routine. The challenge entails private remote sessions along with a nutrition plan that’s guaranteed to push us to our limits while we continue to spend time in quarantine.

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Known as one of the top one hundred voices in wellness for 2020, Brace is a celebrity wellness expert, motivational speaker, former soloist ballet dancer and star of the Food Network’s weight-loss reality show “Fat Chef.” As a visionary fitness expert, he has the innate ability and personal mission to help people connect their mind, body and soul. Brace believes that true fitness begins within and that by infusing “inner work” with physical workouts, his clients are able to realize substantial and sustainable results.

Best-selling author and therapist, Amy Morin, reached out to Brace in search of weight loss and killer six pack abs. “We used both Instagram and Facebook Live. With the technology we have today, I’m able to zero-in on a client’s technique, correct their posture and really take them through a full personal session,” Brace explained. They also live about a two-hour flight away from each other, so remote sessions would have worked best. By the end of the 28-day challenge, Amy had lost seven pounds and got the square abs she was looking for.

For at home workouts, Brace suggests you “run in place for 20 seconds followed by a ten second break. Jumping jacks for 20 seconds followed by a ten second break. Mountain-climbers for 20 seconds followed by a ten second break. If you do those three sets twice that will help get you the toning and get the cardio that you need.”

As for fundamental workouts, Brace recommends squats and planks. “You can do a squat anywhere. A squat is going to engage multiple muscle groups: your thighs, your core and your back muscles. You’re going to be strengthening those parts of your body as well as doing cardio. That’s a staple.”

“So is a plank. If you do it correctly, you’re going to strengthen your core, improve alignment and engage your legs, your glutes and your shoulders.”

Taking part in such a challenge could not only boost our physical state, but our mental state, as well. Brace’s teachings include innovative exercises that reinforce mindfulness, spiritual nutrition, and intelligent body work. Brace understands how important it is to take care of our bodies while we quarantine ourselves during this pandemic. “I’m committed to adapting to our current environment. While challenging, it should not be a reason for people to lose their fitness momentum. Now, more than ever, we need to make our physical and mental health a priority.”

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By Alyssa Ignacio


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