The Bachelor and Bachelorette’s 14 Most Controversial Contestants


In the aftermath of last Monday’s episode, it’s safe to say that Olivia Cardi isn’t the only troublemaker to grace the Bachelor franchise. Throughout it’s 20 seasons, men and women have caused arguments, faked panic attacks and manipulated others all in the name of love.

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Wes Hayden

Bachelorette Season 5 with Jillian Harris

Wes Hayden was definitely not in it for the right reasons! The contestant who came on the show to promote his country music career also had a girlfriend on the side. Instead of being heartbroken when he was sent home in week eight, he was more excited about making it to the top four despite deceiving Jillian.

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Vienna Girardi

Bachelor Season 14 with Jake Pavelka

Vienna was never a favorite amongst the other women in the house while competing for Jake Pavelka’s heart. Things took a turn however, once she took home the final rose. In a Bachelor special the two aired their dirty laundry for the world to see. Jake said that Vienna broke him down, undermined him and was just plain mean. Ultimately, neither ended up with the best reputation in the show’s long history.

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Rozlyn Papa

Bachelor Season 14 with Jake Pavelka

It didn’t take long for Rozlyn to stir up some trouble. In week 2 and after receiving the group date rose, host Chris Harrison pulled Papa aside and questioned her about a relationship with a show producer which she vehemently denied. Ultimately, it led to both the producer and Papa being let go.


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Justin Rego

Bachelorette Season 6 with Ali Fedotowsky

If the nickname “Rated R” didn’t already make your eyes roll, all’s well that ends well. Justin was sent home in week six after Ali learned he had a girlfriend at home. Ali found a fiancé who was after her heart for the right reasons and they now have a baby on the way!

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Bentley Williams

Bachelorette Season 7 with Ashley Herbert

Apparently Bentley was under the impression that Emily Maynard would be season seven’s bachelorette. Instead of bowing out like a gentlemen and giving other contestants a chance he chose to heighten his TV fame. Luckily, Bentley only stuck around for three weeks before making his exit.

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Courtney Robertson

Bachelor Season 16 with Ben Flajnik

Like the name of her book, Courtney told the other women she didn’t come on the show to make friends—ouch! Courtney continued her tirade by bashing the other contestants throughout the show which garnered booing from the audience when she took the stage at the After the Final Rose special.

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Kalon McMahon

Bachelorette Season 8 with Emily Maynard

After dealing with so much heartbreak before entering the Bachelor franchise, the last thing Emily Maynard needed was a guy who called her daughter ‘baggage’. Mama Bear Emily called Kalon out in front of the whole group and then rightfully asked him to leave.

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Tierra LiCausi

Bachelor Season 17 with Sean Lowe

Tierra LiCausi kicked off Sean’s season by accepting the first impression rose. Tierra sent up red flags when she bashed the other women and couldn’t seem to make any friends. She played games to gain attention like supposedly falling down the stairs and claiming she had hypothermia. Eventually, Sean saw through her tears and sent her home.

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Juan Pablo Galavis

Bachelorette Season 9 with Desiree and Bachelor Season 18

During his time on Desiree’s season, the single dad was a fan favorite but things took a sharp turn when he starred in his own season. After contestant Clare suggested they go for a late night swim, Juan Pablo found himself feeling a lit bit of regret and blamed Clare for how far things had gone.

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Kelsey Poe

Bachelor Season 19 with Chris Soules

Condescending towards the other women, Kelsey didn’t exactly stir up sympathetic feelings with the other women when she spouted “Isn’t my story great? I love my story,” when referring to the tragic death of her former husband. Kelsey’s claim that she was more intelligent than the other women and her over zealous laugh rubbed many the wrong way. Kelsey was sent home in week six which was met with cheers from the other women when her suitcase was removed from the hotel.

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Joe Bailey

Bachelorette Season 11 with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Bachelor in Paradise Season 2

Joe seemed like a sweet southern guy throughout most of Kaitlyn’s season but when she told him that she didn’t see a future with him and sent him home he turned angry. When Joe made his second appearance on Bachelor in Paradise he received a lot of backlash for tricking Juelia into giving him a rose until Samantha Steffen arrived.

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Samantha Steffen

Bachelor Season 19 with Chris Soules and Bachelor in Paradise Season 2

Samantha wasn’t well known during Chris’ season. She ended up getting sent home week five but made sure to leave her mark when she landed in Mexico.

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Clint Arlis

Bachelorette Season 11 with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Clint received Bachelorette Kaitlyn’s first one-on-one date and things seemed to go really well between the two of them. Unfortunately, the self-proclaimed villain didn’t seem to feel the same way and she cut him loose.

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Nick Viall

Bachelorette Season 10 with Andi Dorfman and Season 11 with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Nick Viall has certainly been matched on this show on more than one occasion. In his first stint on Andi’s season, the other men didn’t seem to care for his attitude and strategic plays for Andi’s heart. When Nick showed up in the middle of Kaittlyn’s season, the other contestants were unhappy and felt he had already had a chance before her season began. In the end, Kaitlyn chose front runner Shawn and Nick, once again, was left out in the cold.

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