The Beauty of Giving Back: Be Good to People


In 2009, Kris Wittenberg returned to her office frustrated after a rude encounter during her lunch hour. She stood in the middle of her workplace and asked loudly, “Why can’t people just BE GOOD TO PEOPLE?” “How hard is that?” As she stood there, it occurred to her that the sentiment was one she wanted to share with others. She marched back to her computer and looked up and found the URL was available. Just like that, Be Good to People was born.

Because of her first business, SayNoMore! Promotions, which dealt with logos and product lines, Kris first made sure Be good to people® was trademarked, and then got to work creating T-shirts with this important statement to send a message to the world.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, Kris knew that shirts were just the beginning. She created an entire line of products that people use throughout the day, designed all in black and white to reflect the simplicity of the message: Be good to people.

BGTP impacts its local community by donating products to schools and other BGTP-synergistic events, but Kris doesn’t want to stop there. “Everywhere BGTP travels, it creates kindness,” she says. “Sometimes small bits, sometimes large, and always the kindness has a ripple effect – because that’s the nature of kindness. We have story after story from BGTP fans of how the shirts and other gear have impacted lives and we have seen it in action.”.

“I have had my life transformed because of Be Good to People. I am much more patient and less quick to judge than I was before. Because this message is on me, around me and in front of me all the time, it keeps me in check. I call it my ‘friendly little insurance policy,’” she adds.

BGTP puts 5 percent of its revenue into a fund that recognizes and rewards people all over the world who are Being Good to People.

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