The Beauty of Giving Thanks

By Ilsy J Hoo

It’s the holiday season and is the perfect time to reflect upon the many things that make us thankful. Especially this year while we continue to be in a pandemic, this is a great opportunity to take some time to lift your and your loved ones spirits and make the season more meaningful and joyful by giving thanks.

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Here are 5 ideas for giving thanks this holiday season:

  1. Make a gratitude jar. Create a family project where everyone writes things they are thankful for on slips of paper. Place those notes in a jar to be read when the family is gathered for your holiday dinner.
  2. Get Creative and create a gratitude tree. Draw a tree trunk and branches on a sheet of paper. Using colored paper (you can use colors that reflect the holidays that your family celebrates or seasonal colors) cut out leaves for the tree. Have each person write something he or she is grateful for on a leaf and glue it to the tree. Give it a place of honor for the holidays.
  3. Gather and give thanks. Your family gathering may be a bit smaller this year but it doesn’t make it any less special. When your family is gathered for the holiday meal, go around the table and have each person say a few things that he or she has been thankful for during this year.
  4. Give to others. It’s been a difficult time for families this year and many are finding it hard to afford food and shelter. Learn about different charitable organizations and efforts. Together, choose one that is meaningful to you and volunteer your time and efforts, make a donation or participate in some other way during the holidays.
  5. Write a thank you letter to your loved one. Write a letter thanking your loved ones you are grateful for. Mail or hand-deliver the thank you in person. A simple note can make one person’s day so much brighter.

2020 has been one for the books. Spend a little time this holiday season thinking about the year thus far. Give thanks to your loved ones and give back to those in need is what the world needs more of. We are living through history, after all.


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