The Beauty of Heritage: Meet Dr. Lin of NEW YOU MEDISPA

This May, BELLA celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Dr. Jeffrey Lin of NEW YOU MEDISPA shared his AAPI story and more about his practice.

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What is your AAPI heritage?

My parents are from Taiwan, so I identify my AAPI heritage as Chinese. I was fortunate enough to be born in the United States – San Francisco, CA, to be more precise – therefore, I identify myself as being American.

What does AAPI heritage month mean to you?

AAPI heritage month is a way to honor, recognize, and understand the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. All cultures are important and should be respected, especially in the United States, since this country is a place where different races, ethnicities, and backgrounds can all be united as one; the month of May just happens to be the month focused on celebrating AAPI heritage. The inception of May being designated as a month to observe AAPI heritage began in 1978 as a one week “calling upon the people of the United States, especially the educational community, to observe such week with appropriate ceremonies and activities.” (Public Law 95-419, Oct. 5, 1978). This was later amended in 1990 “to observe such month with appropriate ceremonies, programs, and activities.” (Public Law 101-283, May 9, 1990) And finally, in 1992, “May of each year is designated as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.” (Public Law 102-450, Oct. 23, 1992). Interestingly enough, the month of May was chosen to commemorate the immigration of the first Japanese (May 7, 1843) to the United States and to mark the anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad (May 10, 1869), in which Chinese immigrants were the majority of whom laid down the tracks.

Today, in this month of May, 2021, recognition of AAPI heritage couldn’t be more important due to the rise in hate crimes against Asians. It’s been a difficult year for all of us around the world because of COVID-19. A lot of people want to place the blame on Asians for the perception of the outbreak being manufactured by a small group of Chinese in Asia amongst the millions. The crimes targeting elderly Asians are heart-wrenching on so many levels. For me, personally, my parents are Asian and fall under the age range of those targeted, both being in their 80’s as well as residing in California, where most reported attacks are occurring. Overall, I would just like for everyone to live in peace and harmony, which begins within ourselves. We need to realize that the entire Asian race shouldn’t take the blame for the alleged crimes of the few. There are many Asians out there trying to resolve the problem. I, for one, spent 3 months in isolation assisting as the lead physician for a COVID-19 field hospital, working on average 6 nights a week from 7pm to 7am, wearing all the protective gear, tending to the infected patients in makeshift dividers constructed by our military, knowing that I would die alone should I contract the virus. I was prepared to do so since I thought it was a noble thing to do. In addition, it added purpose to my life. Once that assignment was completed, I moved on to become the Regional Medical Director of administering COVID vaccines in hopes of helping the world become a safer place.

Tell us about your practice. What types of services do you offer to clients?

NEW YOU MEDISPA is a medical spa, which has the benefits of being a medical office in a spa-like setting. The medical aspect involves treating vein disease, a medical condition that can have long-term effects if not treated. Generally, if you have leg pain, swelling, varicose veins, spider veins, discoloration, a feeling of heaviness, restlessness, or tired, achy legs, it would be worthwhile to investigate your veins. Veins bring the blood back up from your feet and legs towards your heart. These veins have valves in them to counteract gravity. When these valves fail, you begin to experience the signs and symptoms I’ve described. The consultation takes about an hour and a half where our trained technicians will perform an ultrasound scan of your legs to look for reflux in the veins and deep vein thromboses (DVTs), a potentially life-threatening condition. Based upon your signs and symptoms, along with the results of your ultrasound scan findings, you may be a candidate for vein treatment. We will obtain preauthorization for you with your insurance company before performing any of the in-office procedures which take less than an hour to perform each, over a few sessions, with little to no downtime.

NEW YOU MEDISPA also offers a variety of aesthetic treatments to help you gain confidence and feel good about yourself, hence the name, NEW YOU MEDISPA. I want every patient and client to walk away feeling better than when he or she walked in. Incidentally, the logo is of a person with hands raised in victory, symbolizing that feeling of crossing the finish line, finishing a task, stretching in the morning, experiencing a rebirth, rejoicing in a new day, and discovering a NEW YOU. Some of the services that are offered are:

Vein treatment – Both medical (see above) and cosmetic (e.g., spider veins).

Hair Restoration – There’s a difference between transplant and extraction. The former involves removing a patch of hair in its entirety and moving it to the new location. This can potentially leave an unsightly scar. Extraction involves taking each individual hair follicle unit and moving it to the new location. This is somewhat of a tedious task, but the results are so much better that you’ll be glad that you chose this technique.

Body Contouring – Summer is coming and we would like the opportunity to help you reach your goals. But remember, it’s still important to maintain a diet and exercise routine even after the treatments to see significant results.

Skin Rejuvenation – Microderm abrasion, microneedling/channeling, VI Peel, skin laser therapy. These can work for scars, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, sunspots, etc.

IV hydration therapy – Boosts immunity, provides energy, and increases low blood volume. It also helps with headaches in some cases. Many clients state that they feel a sense of euphoria and calmness after a session.

Botox/fillers – Most cases offered for the face and lips, but also for issues with teeth clenching or grinding which can lead to headaches

Laser Hair Removal – Most commonly used for the underarms, legs, back, bikini area, face and wherever else hair may grow. The treatment is relatively painless and can save you time and money in the long run.

What is the most rewarding thing about the services you offer (for you and for your clients?)

Most services result in instant gratification for the patient/client and myself in seeing how happy he or she is with the results. Life is difficult. Sometimes you have to reward yourself or give yourself a boost to help you take on challenges. For me, I enjoy taking part in making others happy.

Is there anything that the readers of BELLA should know about you or your practice?

I’m transparent with my patients and clients. I try to please as many people as I can and I give my best efforts to the services that I provide. I understand that people are now returning to work or have children going through virtual learning. Many individuals don’t want to leave work early to take paid time off (PTO). That’s why, I’m open until 9pm most days of the week, including weekends. I get up at 5am for my daily workout routine, but I can be in the office at that time for you if need be. I’m also available to you 24/7 for any questions or concerns. I don’t want any patient or client to feel abandoned since we’re in this journey together in achieving the NEW YOU. If I could, I would bring back the days of doctors making house calls.

Do you have any special promotions going on that you would like us to share?

Summer is coming, therefore, NEW YOU MEDISPA has various promotions going on for most of the spa services, including body contouring and vein treatments, e.g., spider veins. We’re located at 2360 Route 9 South, Howell, NJ 07731, in the Cherry Tree Plaza between Ice Cream On 9 and Swingtime Miniature Golf Course. You can call to book your appointment at (732) 414-6809 or schedule yourself online at: We hope to see you soon!


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