The Beauty Of Heroism: Lifesavers On The Frontlines

For the last three months our country has faced unprecedented times, leaving us no other choice but to navigate through uncharted waters. It has left many of us all but crippled, fighting for our own survival as well as the survival of our families. And as many are trying to adapt to this “new normal,” which includes practices like social distancing, self-isolation, face covering, virtual meetings, and drive-by visits to “see” our loved ones, it seems like it has also given us time to pause and prioritize the things that are truly important in our lives.

That’s why with this issue, popularly known as our “Beauty Issue,” Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Coppes decided, given the current state of the world right now, to shift our cover in a slightly different direction. What felt most appropriate was to feature the countless women, men, and even children who, along with our medical professionals, are going above and beyond to keep us moving forward.

Those include the restaurant workers who show up day after day to feed their community, the delivery drivers who make it possible for people to adhere to the shelter-in-place orders and still receive the things they need. We also salute the countless employees in our supermarkets and pharmacies, transportation workers, and all of the essential pros working hard day in and day out to keep us moving forward.

Through tough times we’ve seen the beauty of community and the compassion in helping others. Whether it was a small gesture to assist a neighbor, or donating food or medical supplies to those who desperately need them, the countless ways we are lifting one another up has truly been the silver lining in this otherwise dark time.

In our effort to help others, the BELLA team has also been sharing information through insightful conversations online at that are both indicative of our current times and uplifting to our readers. Connecting with our audience has—and always will be—at the forefront of everything we do.

I connected with Vanessa, who shared with me just a few of the stories of the men, women, and children who have been working both on the frontlines, as well as those lending a hand behind the scenes to do their part in making an impact. Join us as we salute these true heroes…

Read about all our healthcare heroes in the Beauty Issue, especially the staff at Staten Island University Hospital…

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