The Beauty Of Social Distancing

The COVID-19 quarantine forced us to shelter at home, which may have put your social and dating life on pause. If you’re like me and are used to going out to dinner a few times a month, this new normal challenged you to get creative on date nights.Whether you’re starting a new relationship, getting to know someone online, or are married or single, you can still have fun date nights at home. Take this as a beautiful opportunity to connect without outside distractions.

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If you’re getting to know someone you’ve just met, this is an excellent time to go on a virtual date. There are plenty of effective online tools that people use to conduct business meetings, so why not use them to get to know your potential love?

GET PLAYFULLY CREATIVE: Old-school games can help you learn a lot about each other—and are sure to result in lots of laughs. A game of chess may not work, but Charades might do the trick.

NETFLIX AND CHAT: Make your favorite snack, choose a movie to watch together, and discuss your favorite parts through the chat feature on

GET READY FOR YOUR (CYBER) CLOSE-UP: Put on your favorite dress or most stunning shirt and enjoy getting to know each other from the comfort of your couch. Shoes are optional!


Romantic date nights at home don’t have to be extravagant. You can have fun and creative home dates that are better than any fancy dinner at a restaurant or night out on the town.

TAKE YOUR AT-HOME DINNER DATE UP A NOTCH: Decorate your table with holiday placemats, candles, and fine china. Look up a new recipe and cook up a delicious meal together while listening to your favorite musician. You’ll not only learn something new, it will also give you and your partner an opportunity to be creative in the kitchen.

SIP AND PAINT YOUR WAY TO LOVE: It may only be the two of you, but who said it can’t be a party? Grab a bottle of wine and that “Paint by Numbers” canvas you ordered online (check out Grab your paintbrush, some Pinot, and watch the magic happen!

RE-ENACT YOUR FAVORITE LOVE STORY: My fiancé and I recently decided to recreate our favorite moment from “Say Anything.” We had so much fun using our smartphone to videotape the John Cusack boom box scene and edit it into a cute two-minute video. I posted it on social media, and my family and friends got a good laugh from it. We discovered that we both love ‘80s movies—and that acting is definitely something we should not pursue post-quarantine!


If you’re home alone and single, take this time at home as an opportunity to soul-search, get to know yourself, and think about what you really want from your future partner. After my divorce 11 years ago, I wrote an article for BELLA entitled, “Date Yourself First.” It was about finding things I enjoyed outside being a wife and mom. I realized that watching sports on a Sunday afternoon at home was one thing I truly cherished. Writing in my journal about my thoughts about dating again was also therapeutic.

This break can be a blessing for you to truly honor yourself and tap into your beautiful inner goddess or god. Whatever stage in life you’re in during this self-quarantine, take this opportunity to have fun and get creative.


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