The Benefits of Ayurvedic Haircare: Introducing, Halo Mane

Black History Month is here, and what better way to celebrate than by supporting a brand aimed at making others feel beautiful and empowered through healthy hair!

Halo Mane is a Black-owned brand of Ayurvedic-infused products made to nourish that will have you looking fabulous in no time! Everything on the ingredients list is 100% natural and effective! Ayurveda focuses on a natural way of living and maintaining healthy hair is a vital part of that. Natural herbs have the power to amplify beauty internally and externally.

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The Woman Behind The Brand

Founder, Rachael Knight, is vegan and ensures all products are plant and herb-based, crafting the items herself. She was in a dilemma when she couldn’t find the right all-natural products for her hair, encouraging her to create her own line that provides much-needed hydration for curly hair to promote hair growth and increase protection. The line is designed for all hair types and hair concerns.

Inside The Products

Wonder herbs and ingredients include: Bhringaraj (reduces hair loss, promotes natural color and luster of hair); Brahmi (prevents split ends, reduces hair loss, eliminates dandruff, promotes hair growth and thickening of hair); Amla (reduces premature greying, reduces hair loss, loaded with Vitamin C); Shikakai (treats dandruff, lowers pH levels, treats oily scalp, repairs and prevents split ends); and Aloe Vera (boosts scalp health, slows hair loss, promotes hair growth.)

About Halo Mane

Halo Mane offers homemade Ayurvedic hair care products that promote hair growth and restoration with no harmful or artificial ingredients. Ayurveda is not just a natural way to treat your ailments but it’s actually much more than that. It teaches a natural way of living. Apart from herbal remedies for several diseases, these ancient scriptures also say a lot about life. Among these things, there is a section in which it describes a natural way to maintain the health of your skin and hair. Natural herbs have the power to amplify your beauty internally and externally. In modern days it is not possible to apply these herbs on the face directly, which is why many people use their powdered forms in the face and hair packs.

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