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Move over La Croix – there’s a MUCH better sparkling water on the market and it’s here to take your crown. HyVIDA is the world’s first and only sparkling water infused with hydrogen and magnesium, using a patent pending formula to give drinkers a dose of healthy antioxidants.

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The “better bubbles” brand contains as many antioxidants as an entire orange (seriously!) and has a higher pH than your traditional sparkling waters, which accounts for its smoother taste. It also makes the drink less acidic, helping to protect your teeth’s precious enamel that can be eroded by drinking other sparkling waters. In addition to providing consumers with antioxidants, also helps to improve workout performance and recovery, calm nerves, improve sleep, and boost gut health. And all of this, with no calories, no sweeteners, and no caffeine!

As a lover of sparkling water, HyVIDA has quickly moved to the top of my list. It’s not too bubbly and doesn’t make you feel bloated after drinking it. Plus, it comes in three organic flavors — pure, lemon-lime, and our favorite, raspberry. With all of the added health benefits in this drink, it’s a no brainer to pick up a can of this over your typical bottle or can of water, bubbly or not.

You can learn more about the benefits of hydrogen-infused water here and snag you’re own 12-pack of HyVIDA on Amazon or in local stores!


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