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The Best Canned Cocktails to Enjoy Year Round

Summer may be winding down, but canned cocktails are here to stay. We spent the past couple months trying wayyy too many of them, and these ones made the cut of the best of the best. Add these canned cocktails to your year-round drinking list!

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Fishers Island Lemonade has amassed a cult following with its very boozy riff on a classic cold lemonade. Earlier this spring, the brand launched four new offerings for the first time since its inception and some of the new cans might even be better than the original. Fishers Island Spiked Tea clocks in at 7% ABV, and is the boozy Arnold Palmer of your dreams. Comprised of their original spiked lemonade and fresh black tea, it goes down quite smoothly. Additionally, Fishers Island Pink Flamingo (also 7% ABV) combines the original vodka and whiskey-spiked lemonade with fresh cranberry, cutting down some of the sweetness and giving fans a scarily drinkable cocktail.

Canadians might be known for their mastery of maple syrup and poutine, but thanks to the launch of Nude Hard Iced Tea in American markets, we now know that they’ve hit another one out of the park with this canned cocktail. The 100-calorie drink comes in three flavors: peach, lemon and raspberry. It tastes just like real deal iced tea, making it go down a little too easy if you know what I mean. It’s brewed with black tea, contains zero caffeine, zero carbonation and contains no sugar, sweeteners or carbs. I’ve never been more interested in soliciting Nudes.

Brewed in Oregon, KYLA Hard Kombucha combines all of the health elements you know and love from your everyday kombucha, with the drinkability and alcohol content of a hard seltzer. Ranging from 4.5 – 7% ABV, KYLA’s options come in unique flavors such as lavender lemonade, lemon verbena drop, shiso mint mojito, and pineapple ginger colada. Some flavors pay homage to classic cocktails, while others take inspiration from its home – the Pacific Northwest. Each can contains a mere 150 calories, only 3 grams of sugar and 2 carbs, and plenty of probiotics.

Inspired by the famous Texan cocktail, Texas Ranch Water Co. crafts a hard seltzer using 100% Blue Weber Agave. Clocking in at 5% ABV, the gluten-free drink comes in lime and grapefruit flavors for now, and packs a punch! Using natural citrus flavors, the seltzer contains only 2g of sugar and 100 calories.

A longtime fan of Flying Embers — in fact, it’s the first hard kombucha I ever had that made me fall in love with it — they haven’t slowed down when it comes to staying innovative. They have an array of intriguing hard kombucha flavors, like pineapple chili, watermelon basil, and classic black cherry, but they’ve also expanded their area of expertise with hard seltzers, as well. The seltzers come in equally enticing flavors, including guava jalapeños, clementine hibiscus, and passionfruit elderflower, among others.

If you really want a drink that packs a punch, Spa Girl Cocktails offers ready to drink vodka cocktails that up the ante with between 11.5 and 16.5% ABV per can. That’s right, go easy on these cocktails cause they are strong with a capital S. They clock in at under 100 calories and come in flavors like peach, pear, sparkling mango, and cucumber, to name a few.

Made from coconut water and a wine made from fermented oranges comes Coco Cocktail. The lightly carbonated hard seltzer uses real fruit juices and extracts to add to the flavor and is completely vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and best of all, packed with vitamins and minerals. Clocking in at 110 calories per can, these cocktails boast significantly more health benefits than its competitors due to all of the vitamins, minerals and electrolytes packed into each sip. They currently come in lemon key lime and pomegranate berry flavors.

Honorable mention: Okay,  so this one technically isn’t canned, but it is a ready-to-drink cocktail and comes in a bottle. Zuzu, the lightly sparkling cocktail is made with minimal ingredients — just pure agave spirit, fresh citrus, a touch of agave syrup and sea salt. The result is a refreshingly drinkable beverage that is free of artificial preservatives, synthetic sweeteners and other additives, giving you a drink you can feel good about indulging in. Zuzu is currently available in calamansi lime and passion fruit flavors.


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