The Evolving Costume Designer: Beverley Huynh

Photographer: Shimon Karmel

Beverley Huynh is a Costume Designer originating from Vancouver, BC, Canada. In 2009 she turned her lifelong passion for fashion design (and her mission to be the next Vera Wang) into a career with the film and television industry as an active member of the costume department for IATSE 891 and ACFC.

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Enduring many obstacles along the way Beverley stayed the course which was fuelled by a creative mind and unwavering persistence. After years of working to achieve what her parents considered an acceptable back up plan, she took the leap of faith to pursue her passion and went into costume design full-time. After spending a year learning from other experts in her field in the: United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia Beverley has returned to Vancouver to utilize all that she has learned. Her work is woven into many of our favourites such as: the masterpieces of Van HelsingArrowA Million Little ThingsSirenThe Flash, and Netflix’s The Perfectionist.

BELLA chatted with Beverley about her passion for the art of creating characters and a story with fabric, fine delicate details, and the development of textiles…

Photographer: Shimon Karmel

When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry?

I was first exposed to the fashion world when I was 7, watching Fashion Television on Saturdays growing up. I knew I wanted to be involved then, and when I first discovered Vera Wang, I knew I wanted to be her.

How did you get into the field of Costume Design?

Through my sister. She was into theatre growing up and I used to watch her on stage but my real curiosity was of those people in black. While studying fashion design, a school project prompted us to mix time periods to create 2 looks. One for costume and one for fashion. A comment from my sister saying that my costume design was far more interesting left some inspiration with me that never went away. A short while after, a friend asked me to costume design a short film and I was hooked. Costume Design became the focus.

What questions would you ask a director to ensure you understand their vision?

Normally it’s a conversation and a pitch. Prior to being brought on to a project I am given guidelines, tips and tricks, sometimes a script or descriptions about characters and what the story is. I create what we call a mood board and send it to the director and other decision makers. If they like what I pitched, I’m brought into a meeting and we determine whether or not we’re on the same page.

Photographer: Shimon Karmel

What was your most technically challenging costume to design?

Nothing is that difficult when you have a good team that can bring design/illustration to real life. The challenges come when you’re dealing with the logistics of a costume piece. Can you get 10 copies of the same item? Can you MAKE an amount of copies in a short amount of time? When those challenges come up, it’s more about creative solutions. Designing is easy, execution is harder.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their career and hoping to make it as a costume designer?

Go for it and try. Get involved. Learn about fabrics and textiles. Start styling and begin by building a portfolio. Find some short films and just see how the process is and start making connections. Surround yourself around other creative people and have some fun!

Where can our readers learn more, get in touch, + follow along?

You can find all my information at my website at and on my instagram @bevwincostumes

Photographer: Shimon Karmel

There is a continuing need for diversity in front of the camera, but Beverley strives to use her voice to bring the diversity behind the camera in all areas—inclusive of those who can weigh in on the decision making. For her, it’s not just about representation; it’s a shift in the power of Hollywood to people with different cultural backgrounds. A force to be reckoned with, Beverley is certainly paving the way for other females in her field.


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