The Fusions of East & West: Poska Resort Wear


It all started in Dubai. When Sarah Fathy relocated from San Diego, she had an eye-opening experience to the glamourous designs and fashion that resides on the other side of the world. Living amongst the lifestyle, the luxuries and the textile souk of Dubai encouraged Sarah Fathy to take her first steps in designing clothes. Fathy’s vision of bringing Arabic styles and designs to the United States sparked the creation of Poska Resort Wear.

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The idea behind Poska Resort Wear started with “ghetra”, an arabian scarf used by men to cover their heads from the sun, that would transform into resort wear that women can wear while traveling or enjoying the beach.

“Poska was created with a vision to combine east meets west,” Fathy said. “The light fabrics and traditional Egyptian textile combines the two to make the most comfortable and appealing way for women to feel their most confident before heading out on their next vacation, adventure, or trip to the beach.”

In the beginning, Fathy began creating a few samples with local tailors that she would sell to family and friends, but she knew she wanted to make her line distinctive from the rest. The uniqueness of Poska begins with the details of in the fabric; all the pieces have been made with limited quantity of authentic fabric and textile, so customers are getting a one of a kind product.

Fathy explains, “Since I not only wanted to bring the style of Arabian looks to my first collection but also the fabric, I decided to use textile and fabric from Egypt to give it authenticity and decided to do my first production there.”

The remarkable founder and designer of Poska Resort Wear credited her background in graphic design with giving her the creative flexibility to design something from scratch. The design of clothing and fashion helped prepare Fathy to take a leap in creating her own clothing.

“I always knew that I loved to create and be creative. I have always dreamed of growing up and doing something I enjoy and having the opportunity to do it my way and with my perspectives.”

Leveraging herself into the field was hard and demanding, but Fathy truly understood the magnitude of what they meant when she began her own line. Specifically, the moment her first collection launched was the most memorable for Fathy. Fathy spoke of how her friends and family became the motivation for creating Poska.

“They have always seen a creative part in me and encouraged that I follow my passion. I am grateful for them believing in me and my vision and happy with the outcome of my first collection.”

For Fathy, traveling is one of the creative developments that fuse into Poska Resort Wear.  “My hope is that any women with any size would wear and feel confident in it. I am looking forward and excited to bring more travel and culture inspiration to my next collection and what country will inspire me.”

Being a mother of two boys and running her own business has been quite challenging, but it is motivating for Fathy when her kids see how hard she works. Fathy is proud of the Poska Brand and the accomplishments her line has earned. As for the future, what does Fathy hope will be next for Poska Resort Wear? The possibilities are endless.  For Fathy, it’s exciting to discuss some of the potential goals for her line. One hope is to take Poska from small production to big production that would spread to a world-wide brand loved by many.

“I have always heard from others who started this business that its hard and demanding, but really understood what they meant when I started my line and found out myself,” Fathy said. “There will be problems you have to be prepared to fix and the time and effort that goes into making what you envision a reality and keeping up with marketing your brand is challenging but rewarding.”

No matter how far the possibilities take Poska Resort Wear, Fathy is grounded in the goal she had when she first created the line; that each customer feels happy with the product.

“I like to imagine that whoever buys and wears my pieces has a smile of confidence and excitement- that makes it all worth it.”

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By Allie Gonzales


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