The Hollywood Life: Melanie Iglesias, LIVING THE DREAM FROM COAST TO COAST


She’s young, she’s hot, and her star is on the rise! With a slew of hit shows under her belt on the wildly popular MTV channel, New York native-turned- west-coast-girl Melanie Iglesias has been showing audiences her witty and comedic side, but there is more to this TV host than meets the eye. Behind that pretty face is a smart young woman who knows what she wants and has been working hard since the age of 18 to make things happen.

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 As a starving artist living in Manhattan, Iglesias was initially working three different waitressing jobs to make ends meet while focusing on her music. “I didn’t party, I didn’t date … all the things my friends were doing.” While those closest thought she was “insane” for not finding a 9-5 job or going to college like most her age, the future TV personality knew that if she kept at it, her luck would change. She was driven by a strong belief that hard work pays off and confident in her convictions that it takes years of busting your butt to be successful. “If I can do it, anyone can too,” she reflects.

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In 2010, with no real modeling experience, Iglesias sent her photo to MAXIM Magazine for its “Hometown Hottie” contest, one she says she never thought she’d win. Not only was she wrong, the stunning beauty beat out 7,000 other hopefuls for the title. As a result, Iglesias landed a cover and went on to do some work for the magazine’s online presence, such as red carpet interviews and short video clips. It was from one of those videos, one in which she talked candidly about men’s pick-up lines, that caught the eye of producers at MTV.

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Iglesias was asked to audition for a pilot they were putting together but almost didn’t make it. “I didn’t even have money to get to the audition, but after they agreed to pay me, I went.” She recalls being asked a ton of questions about men, and says she was “honest and real,” which turned out to be the winning combination to landing the gig.

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“Guy Code,” a show that tackles the topics of the code of conduct that exists between men, premiered in late 2011. As a result of the show’s success, the network created two spin-offs. “Girl Code” which debuted in April 2013 with Iglesias and other TV personalities turning the tables and discussing the sisterhood that women share. “Guy Court,” a comedy court show handling a variety of cases where the “guy code” was violated, featured Iglesias serving as the “bailiff.”

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Taking her success with MTV even a step further, Iglesias was tapped to join a fourth show, “Off the Bat” from the MLB Fan Cave alongside MTV cor- respondent Sway, hip-hop heavyweight Fat Joe, and “Guy Code” co-host Chris Destefano. Major League players and celebrity fans drop by the Fan Cave to hang out with the hosts who not only cover all the bases from baseball, pop culture, and enter- tainment, but also participate in some fun, oddball activities with the players.

Whether she’s engaging in a donut-eating contest with Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones, in- terviewing David Price, a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers at a doggy day care spa, or participating in batting practice with Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton, Iglesias is down for anything. She’s also having the time of her life in the process. While she admits there have been times the stunts have been a bit outrageous, the girl who loves com- petition is always a good sport. It’s the times in which she’s hesitant to participate that the segment turns out even funnier, she says. “In the end, all I want to do is make good TV.”

“I don’t believe in doing the same thing continuously. It’s important to know when to move on and take some risks.”

As a part of the MTV family for the past three years, Iglesias has been compared to another one of the network’s former stars, Jenny McCarthy, someone she grew up watching. Being compared to the former host is flattering, but Iglesias thinks she has a style that’s all her own. “I don’t try and set myself apart from others because I know I am different.”

For her, the “pinch me” moments happen both on and off the set. Getting to work with Sway, another MTV host she grew up watching, is one of them. “I look up to him in so many ways and I’m constantly asking him a ton of questions,” says Iglesias. Another great moment for the host was interviewing actor John Hamm. She’s a huge fan of the show “Mad Men,” and admits to thinking while doing the interview, “I can’t believe this is happening!”

Life has definitely changed as a result of these opportunities, and the host credits MTV for “saving her life.” Working on “Off the Bat” not only provided the chance to travel all over the country, but allowed Iglesias to sustain a long distance relationship. After dating her boyfriend for over a year, she finally made the move to LA this past October, a place she always felt she’d eventually go for work.

In looking at life in a new city, the enthusiastic girl from Brooklyn finds the people in LA a bit more laid back, something she needs right now in comparison to the hustle and bustle of New York. Adventurous in nature, Iglesias is looking forward to exploring her new surroundings.

“There’s a lot of culture out here with some of the best comedy shows,” she says. Always looking to advance to the next step, she continues to study her craft by taking improv classes at University of California at Berkeley and admits she’s not happy when things re- main stagnant.

While Iglesias misses her family [she’s one of eight children], friends, and the convenience New York City offers, she says she’s finally at a place in her life where everything is starting to make sense. She’s looking ahead to new opportunities and is stepping away from the “Guy Code/Girl Code” frenzy. Having been on the various shows for nu- merous seasons, it’s time to try something differ- ent, she says.

“I don’t believe in doing the same thing continuous- ly. It’s important to know when to move on and take some risks.”

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