The January/February Issue with Lance Bass: From Cover Shoot to Cover Party

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing hard work pay off.

When I walked into my first day with BELLA I never would have imagined having a hand in shooting the cover for the January/February issue with Lance Bass. Having never assisted with or even been to a photo shoot this was a whole new world for me and I was excited to get started.


Throughout the day, as I helped with set up and lighting as well as social media I tried to take in as much of what was going on as possible. Not only did I want to impress my new bosses but I also wanted to help make things go as smoothly as possible for them and Lance. The BELLA team made me feel right at home and at the end of the shoot they thanked me for all of the work I had done.

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After shooting the cover, it was time to plan the cover party that would take place on January 21. Since I had some experience with planning events at previous internships and jobs this was familiar territory. During this stage, I helped the BELLA team curate and contact lists of potential sponsors for the event. When people attend the party it’s easy to see how flawlessly something is put together but what they might not necessarily know is how many emails or calls the BELLA team may have gone through before landing the final list of sponsors.

The day before the party, I was tasked with stuffing 150 gift bags for our guests. These gift bags are part of the result of all of those back and forth calls and emails we placed months in advance. While I had previous experience with events, nothing could have prepared me for filling all of those bags. Time seemed to fly that day and by the end of it I had placed 1,500 items into bags. Tired and sore, I left for the day feeling like I had accomplished a lot of hard work.


While it might have cost me a few sore muscles, the cover party was a success! Troy Liquor Bar was the perfect vibe for our male cover star and allowed both clients and VIP guests to mingle seamlessly throughout the night. Looking back to my first day with BELLA at the cover shoot, it amazes me all of the hard work and different moving parts it takes to go from a simple picture to a successful party and issue. I’m excited to continue with BELLA learning everything I can and seeing more hard work pay off.

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