The Jawline Fixation – The “It” Procedure for 2020

When it comes to aging skin, the neck and jawline are some of the first places to be affected. And for most people – men and women alike – as the skin in the neck region sags – fat starts to build up and collect beneath the chin. The result – is similar to that of a sharpei and needless to say, it’s less than flattering.

It’s usually one of the more difficult areas to tackle too. Because no diet or workout will really hit that hard-to-get area, you could be as skinny and toned as a top model but if your profile reveals a sagging jaw packed with fat – you’ll look heavy – and frankly older- no matter what.

Perhaps that’s why jawline sculpting is deemed the “it” procedure for 2020. With celebrities like Paula Abdul openly sharing their battle of the bulge under their chin – it’s garnered much attention to this zone of the face and the easy, quicker fixes which yield incredible and almost instant results too.

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For PR guru and keynote speaker, Mindie Barnett, her jawline was always a subject of self-scrutiny. Never overweight and a recipient of her mother’s incredible wrinkle-proof genes, Barnett has always been able to trick the clock by looking younger than her almost 46-years. But, she says, her chin area has always been on the “fuller” side – even as a young girl, she recalls her mother saying she was unable to tie hats under her double-decker jowl. “I’ve always had a fuller looking face due to the fact my chin region has always been plump. But it wasn’t until recently, when looking at my profile in photo, I realized the area had started to also sag and which made me look older and heavier than I really am,” shares Barnett. “So, since my appearance is not only important to me personally but a part of my career as an on-air contributor and on-stage keynote speaker, I wanted to nip the issue before it got worse,” she says.

So, Barnett, like so many others sought the help of a plastic surgeon to chisel her jawline. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Davis of Cherry Hill and New York was her go-to and based on the small area of saggy skin and small amount of fat – he opted for FaceTite (like Paula Abdula’s surgeon did) to create the sleeker jawline Barnett was hoping for. FaceTite is a radiofrequency-assisted liposuction procedure which can be done right in the office. Patients who are jittery can be given a mild sedative before the 30-minute “lunchtime” fix, but all are awake and alert. Barnett opted to skip that step. She remained fully attentive and chatted away the entire time with the doctor and his nurses. “It didn’t hurt a bit,” she recalls. “A well contoured jawline denotes a youthful and ‘in shape’ look that all women and men seek,” explains Dr. Davis. “It also helps make the neck look much slimmer.”

Less than an hour later, Barnett had a more chiseled-looking chin zone, a more svelte-looking face and was in awe of her reflection. With little-to-no downtime, she was back at work the very next day – and able to go about her life with ease and no real restrictions. She still looks herself – only improved and her jawline undoubtedly sleeker and sexier. She’s grateful she took matters into her own hands before more gravity set in which may have led to a bigger, procedure like a neck lift. “The ‘2020’ plastic surgery concept that is sweeping the nation as well as globally is pre-juvenation,” says Davis. “Addressing small issues of beauty improvement well before a major surgical intervention or rejuvenation would be necessary has become on the forefront of aesthetic medicine today.”

No doubt, any sort of plastic surgery or beauty tweak is an investment into oneself.  And what better way to enter a new decade than taking the step to improve our being? If you like what you see in the mirror – it’s more than likely, you’ll be happier mentally and there’s no investment too big for that!

By: Dr. Robi Ludwig

Dr. Steven Davis, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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