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Eyeliner is commonly the second (#2) makeup technique that we attempt after lip gloss when we start our quest for “wearing makeup”.  Eyeliner is also one of the techniques that take some time to master.  The key is to practice, practice, and practice.  Who has time to practice THAT much however?

Some of us (including me) are lucky to have mastered eyeliner by now but I do know that not everybody is fishing in the master boat yet.  So, here are some tips to help you out, if you want to master wearing eyeliner.

Eyeliner Application Guidance

  1.  Sharpen and then soften tip by rubbing lightly on the back of your hand.
  2. Hold the eyeliner like you would hold a pencil or pen with your strongest hand.
  3. Use the other hand to hold your eye straight and taut.
  4. Start drawing on your eyeliner using small dashes onto your lash line.
  5. Connect the dashes after you are done.
  6. Whaa-laa!

Side Note:  Pencil Eyeliner is great for Beginners and Liquid Eyeliner is perfect for Intermediate-Advanced liner users.  Also, liquid eyeliner is recommended for your top lash line only.

Don’t be impatient about perfecting your eyeliner application.  It’s worth learning and perfecting it.

There’s a new trend now of tattooing (a permanent cosmetics procedure) eyeliner on.  Here’s the problem I’ve witnessed with this.  You will blink during this process AND guess what happens?  You will have permanent imperfect eyeliner on  You’ve been warned.

If you have more questions on applying eyeliner, just let me know.

I’m rooting for you.

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