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The “Mama Bear” of the Sports World, Meet CEO + Founder of EAG Sports Management, Denise White

Denise L. White is the CEO and Founder of the EAG Sports Management, a company that specializes in handling those aspects of an athlete’s career that can be easily overlooked by an agent or team with an overflowing roster. In the past 20 years, she has taken her company from an initial concept for a couple of clients to a major player in the sports industry that retains an impressive list of athletes. Throughout the incredible growth of her business, Denise has maintained her personal approach, leaving no doubt about the investment of time and dedication she grants every client. This wholehearted commitment and attention to detail is the secret to her success as one of the very few successful females in an aggressive, male-dominated industry.

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Denise’s life will also be chronicled in an upcoming Netflix series set for production in 2022, as she is dubbed a legendary sports crisis manager. From scrapping for food at the local Seven Eleven as a motherless child becoming mother of her own family of NFL & NBA players, Denise states: “People made such a fuss about The Blind Side kid as if he was one-of-a-kind,” said Denise, “90 percent of my clients are the Blind Side kid, and need every bit of mothering they can get.” A few players who famously refer to her as “Mama Bear” include  Super Bowl winners Tyrann Mathieu, Sean McCoy and Terrell Suggs (soon to be Hall of Famer), The Raider’s DeSean Jackson, The Buccaneers’ Lavonte David and many more.

Named a “Game Changer” by Sports Business Journal and inducted in the Boys & Girls Club Hall of Fame, Denise currently serves as a CNN sports contributor and appears on NBC Sports “On her Turf,” while continuing to be the go-to crisis manager for professional athletes.

Denise has established her position as a respected leader in sports management through strong cooperation with leagues, teams, and agents. They recognize that Denise and EAG enhance their efforts to both promote and provide for their athletes.


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