The Missing Piece to Your Peace During Bath Time

Bathing has a long and detailed history. Submerging ourselves in water is something we do for personal hygiene, leisure and health. There is nothing more enjoyable than going for a swim in the ocean on a warm day or having a hot fragrant bath in the cooler months.

I for one love a bath until it becomes a chore. A chore to sit in comfortably without slipping and sliding all over my tub.

With baths becoming more and more an important part of our self-care routine, we’ve found the missing piece to your peace during bath time.

Insert The Bath Bean here. The Bath Bean suctions to the bottom of your tub. Then, you can easily slide the bean along the tub surface to suit any position once you get in. Ultimate suction power happens with a freshly cleaned tub surface and before you add water.

Don’t forget to add bubbles or light some relaxing candles. You can also grab your phone or the book you can’t put down, and experience ultimate self-care -slip free.


For more information about The Bath Bean and to get yours, go to!

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