THE MOMS Interview Soleil Moon Frye, AKA Punky Brewster

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You can always call her Punky! That’s what Soleil Moon Frye told all the moms on The MOMS Virtual Mamarazzi event, hosted by Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein, for her new Hulu documentary “Kid 90.” Guess what she was wearing (sweats on bottom – she’s more like you than you think!) Plus, she has to get her two girls’ approval on all social posts with family pics (but not the boys.) Bryan Austin Green used to pick her up at school and she talks to her kids about social media. Don’t miss the Minute With The MOMS, where Soleil talks about the most fun she’s had during the Pandemic, her favorite show, what she can’t wait to do when the world opens, and her favorite quote.

“Punky is such a part of my heart, and she always will be… I always say I didn’t know where she ended and I began because we’re the same in so many ways, and it’s true… she was a survivor, and spunky, and so full of life, and heart.”

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Denise: Has there been a benefit to The Pandemic do you think? I always like to look for the positives. What would you say is the biggest positive for your kids during this time?

Soleil: In looking at the positive, and I’ll get emotional about this, the kinship that they formed, the sisters, in not having so many others to turn to, they went from constantly being at each other to now really not only being sisters but being best friends. And that to me has just been so beautiful.

Influencer: What are some simple things that you’re looking forward to with brighter days ahead in 2021?

Soleil: I just, I love the idea of being able to go someplace special with my kids when we can actually travel again. The little things, you know? Like going to the park and feeling like it’s safe for the kids to play. And taking them to the beach and not having to wear masks, and just being able to get to a place where we’re safe and where we can all give each other hugs and love and be together again.

Denise: How brilliant are you that you thought to video tape your life?

Soleil: I kept a diary from the time I was five years old, and then I got an audio recorder when I was twelve years old for my twelfth birthday. And then when I was a teenager I got my hands on a video camera… it was this journalistic side of me from the time that I was a child, and I loved documenting the world around me, and documenting my friends, and our experiences… it truly is so incredible because I feel like, in a way, I created this chronological blueprint as a way for me to find my way back home to the artist that I once was, and the journalist that was always inside of me, so it’s really been, truly, a profoundly life changing experience

Denise: What is your favorite show today?

Soleil: Punky Brewster

Melissa: What do you do for yourself where it’s like you are giving back to yourself? What’s your one thing?

Soleil: There’s quite a few things. Meditation is a really incredibly important part of my life right now and especially in the healing in this entire process.

Denise: Most fun you’ve had during the pandemic?

Soleil: I’ve had so many amazing moments with my kids I’ve got to say and then of course I was so grateful to be working during the pandemic where we shot the pilot pre-pandemic and were able to shoot the series during it, safely and so grateful for them keeping us safe, and that was, I mean just the joy of my life. I was bursting with gratitude every day that I got to go to work.

Melissa: Do you ever lose it? What’s the one thing that’ll piss you off and make you go (explosion noise?)

Soleil: Well, I lose it a lot when my kids are telling me that I’m wrong and they’re right you know that’s frustrating. But then I realize that they’re actually right!

Melissa: What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever been given or a quote that you live by and keep close to your heart?

Soleil: There’s a quote that I love so much in the documentary by Samuel Johnson that is, “The true art of memory is the art of attention.” I love it so much. So that’s one of my favorite quotes and I think I’ve gotten so much incredible advice from my parents teaching me to always be strong and to be a survivor, when you get knocked down to get back up again and to always believe in myself. And then as a journalist to keep digging and keep peeling back the onion and to never be afraid to speak your truth and that it’s so important to speak our truth. And one more thing to add to that, “to thy own self.”

Denise: One last question. The first thing that you’re going to do when the world opens again?

Soleil: Give hugs and love to people that I care about! I’ll be so excited to give a real hug to someone, you know?


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