The New Generation of CASADEI: Meet Head of Communications, Arianna Casadei

Arianna Casadei was born into the luxury footwear brand as the granddaughter of the CASADEI brand founders, who created the brand in 1958. The brand has grown to be a highly-anticipated footwear company serving several timeless, bold women’s shoes. Today, Arianna Casadei continues to propel the brand with fresh designs while maintaining homage to the historical “Made in Italy” status.

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As a child, Arianna Casadei spent her weekends in her family’s workshop with a first-hand look at every detail of the production of CASADEI’s intricate footwear. This became a second home and an instant passion. After years of witnessing the evolving fruition of the brand, she later suggested an eCommerce platform which became her first official project for CASADEI. She was focused on utilizing the new digital age to reach a 360-degree angle of business and a much wider audience, with great use of social media. Arianna became the Head of Marketing and Communications and has been successful in maintaining the essence of CASADEI through their collections, offering “special shoes for special women.”

When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in the footwear industry together with your family?

It came about naturally since I was brought up inside of a factory, the factory is a sort of second home for me and my family. I enjoyed playing with the beads whilst our beloved Oriana, the embroidery maestro who worked for CASADEI for more than 40 years, was creating her masterpieces. Visiting my grandfather and father was the norm when they were at work. There has never been a separation between home and factory as my grandfather’s home is next door to the factory.

I have memories of the best meetings being held on the occasion of the Sunday family lunches. We have always been sharing thoughts and ideas, and I listened and helped whenever possible. One day, whilst in conversation with my father, I asked “Why don’t you consider developing an eCommerce platform? We should go digital” and that was my first big product and challenge.

How is working in fashion different today than from when you started out?

When I started digital was the future, today digital is the present. Everything is so interconnected and fast-paced. The Omnichannel is the reality that allows us to have a 360-degree approach to the business. Today we can reach a wider audience in a more accessible way due to social media.

Tell us your favourite part about your role with CASADEI?

Every day there is an opportunity to learn something new and it gives one the chance to be in touch with others unique points of view. The ability to encounter new people and learn from others is a gift and one I am extremely grateful for.

What can we expect to see in your new FW21 collection?

The fall-winter will be the collection that will finally bring us over the pandemic era, a bridge towards a new reality. We have attempted to translate the desires of women into our styles. There will be the ultimate dancing shoes, versatile boots, a sustainable capsule, ultra-glamour blade pumps, and booties, but most of all the love for our work and the need to celebrate life at its fullest.

There’s so much pressure for footwear brands to come out with their greatest collection season after season. What advice would you give to new brands just starting out and hoping to make it in the industry?

My advice would be to stay true to yourself and your ideas. Work with passion and dedication. Keep an open mind and embrace the change

Where can one learn more/ get in contact with Arianna Casadei?

INSTAGRAM FOR SURE! @Casadeiofficial

BELLA had the pleasure of having a sneak peek into the FW21/22 collection and we can confirm that CASADEI is one to keep an eye on. By emphasising the importance of versatility and sustainability within the fashion industry. We can confirm that this new shoe collection will be extraordinary featuring dancing shoes, lunar boots, and a special pair of heels made from recycled plastic.

CASADEI is definitely BELLA approved!


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