The Perfect Handbag, How to Decide

I love a great handbag! I can’t do without it, specially when I am lugging 2 kids around.
And believe it or not, some handbags can accentuate your body. I personally use handbags as a statement piece (even when it’s serving diaper duties!).
I also feel that  the accessories  you add to your outfit are more important than the clothes we wear. A great handbag is an investment piece that can make a $5 T look like a $500 one.
Also, take into consideration that where our handbag meets our body, determines where others’ eyes will be drawn.
I always tell my clients, if you’re going to splurge on just one,  the color and design of your handbag should be versatile enough to go with more than one outfit (think tan, cognac, taupe).
Here are 5 Ways to pick the perfect handbag, according to your body type:
1. If you are curvy from the waist down, then the best strategy is to select a small purse with a short strap. This type tucks in nicely under the arm, draws the observer’s eye upward, and doesn’t add any layers to the lower half of your body.
2. If your girls are the life of the party, then a larger bag with a longer strap can take the attention away from your bosom.
3. For a thin and sleek body, a large bag will work perfectly.
4. An apple shaped woman should pick a smaller bag with a hint of color or a subtle pattern, one with a short to medium length strap. This way, the focus will be on the upper half of your body.
5. For the hourglass body, anything works!
You have already spent time and money into the selection of your outfit. Maximize it by taking the time to pick the accessories that you add. A great handbag brings a look together.
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