The Perfect Summer Braid

With a simple style that dates back to the medieval period, the different incarnations have carried through the sands of time.

With my hair in a regrowth stage – I asked hairstylist Bianca Bruno to assist me with placing my Victoria Taylor Clip-In Hair Extensions and helping braid my hair from a Dutch Braid moving into a Fishtail. It seems as though it would be complicated, but follow the steps and practice.  No worries if your braid isn’t perfect, the deconstructed look will give it character!

The night before, I had washed my hair with a new shampoo and conditioner called ShampYou. You can add different elixirs to the shampoo to create your own personal concoction. Since my hair is thick and wavy – I chose, “Gimme More Moisture” and “Curl Me Up Super Serum”. It made my hair incredibly soft and its lingering smell is fantastic.

PART 1: Getting ready…


  1. Begin by separating hair into individual clipped sections make sure all clips work and can be properly snapped in and out.
  1. Section hair starting at the nape of the neck, measure width of hair section to match width of extension piece. Note: Different sized pieces are to be used for different sections of the head, using shorter width pieces towards the bottom and then gradually adding the larger pieces as you move up the back of the head. End by using smaller width pieces at the top in the center or to whatever side you choose to have your braid favoring.

PART 2: Placing the Hair Extensions


  1. Tease hair by back combing from mid shaft to root using either a teasing brush or comb, or regular rattail comb.
  1. Make sure extension piece is snapped open throughout track, place in beginning of section and slide comb down into teased section of hair, snap closed and continue along section.
  1. Repeat pattern up the head, keeping in mind desired look. If hair is to be worn down placement would differ, but because we are braiding we are not adding any tracks of hair in front of the ear or on the hair line. We are keeping everything centered, allowing it be easier to hide and appear more natural.

PART 3: Let’s start Braiding!!


  1. Start at the top of the head angling your section towards your desired side for braid. Note: Any paste, molding mud or serum is great for difficult hair and to ensure minimal frizz (hairspray works great as well!)

PART3 number 6

  1. Take 3 strands and follow pattern for basic 3 strand braid, however instead of crossing every strand on top of one another, place it underneath. This will begin to create a Dutch Braid instead of a French. Note: The Dutch Braid will be easier to pull apart/deconstruct creating a more modern tousled look.
  1. Continue motion of switching the 3 strands under one another and adding from both sides while moving down the head. Keep braid on desired side, add the last section right above the ear. Continue free braiding down until the end of hair strand and tie with elastic.

PART3 number 8

PART 4: Finishing up the Dutch Braid

  1. Start at the top of the braid and begin to pull each side slowly and gently. By tugging at the edges of the braid you will make the braid larger and start building more of an organic shape. Do this technique all the way to the end of the braid until you reach the elastic. (Option for hair spray or finishing spray)

PART4 number9

  1. Take remainder of hair and cross on top of the pulled apart Dutch Braid. Note: Be sure to keep it centered and the tension tight.

PART 5: Creating the Fishtail

  1. Holding the two sections of remaining hair (one on left and another on right) begin to cross a small section from the left side over into the right section, while keeping tension tight. Do the same from the right section into the left. (This technique will create a 2 strand braid or fishtail).
  1. Continue pattern down keeping tension tight and keeping hair favoring desired side of braid. Note: Keep your hands on the side that you want the braid to favor and follow the placement you created in the beginning of the first braid.
  1. Tie end of fishtail braid, lightly pull edges grabbing only certain pieces and gently tugging to loosen and expand the braid, and then spray with your favorite hair spray or finishing spray.

Part 6: Secure your hard work!

  1. Take bobby pins and grab loose pieces, then gently tuck them into base of braid hiding pins inside hair. Pull out any baby hair around hairline for a more effortless natural look. Finish by spraying another quick layer of hair spray to keep everything in place.

PART6 number 14

Photos are courtesy of Nicola from The Trend’n Female

Contributed by Elena Murzello

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