The Power Of Pause

The Power Of Pause

I am always in a rush. Always trying to squeeze one more thing into each day, hour and minute. But why?  What would happen if I didn’t get that “extra” thing done? Nothing. Absolutely nothing would happen. Truth be told, I actually know deep in my soul what would happen if I stopped trying to do too much.

Magic! Magic would happen.

I’d connect more with my family, my friends and myself.

So that is my pledge to myself for this month (notice I’m not asking for a year commitment I know better).

Baby steps.  

My game plan is to take two items a day off my to-do list and replace it with silence. Yes, silence you read right dear readers.

I plan to pause more before answering a question that my children ask so that they can try to answer it themselves.

I plan to pause more when listening to a friend and not rush to offer advice or witty commentary.

I plan to pause more and look up at the wondrous sky.

So, won’t you join me … and pause.

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