The Right Pieces of Jewelry for Your Body Type


Wearing jewelry is a great way to enhance your beauty. It can draw attention to or away from different parts of your body.

Jewelry is a way to enhance your look by drawing attention to different parts of your body. Believe it or not, your body type could help you choose your jewelry and therefore help you make the most of the pieces you buy.I firmly believe that a great piece of jewelry compliments your entire look. Most of the time I wear solid colors (I pick classic pieces that I can use throughout the year). It’s easier (and less expensive) to change a piece of jewelry than it is an entire wardrobe. And when it comes to choosing the right pieces of jewelry for yourself, your body can make decision making easier, saving you time and money.Here are some great tips to follow when purchasing jewelry:Women characterized by a smaller bust-line, sloping shoulders, full hips and a small waist should always try to draw attention away from the lower part of their body and to make the bust appear bigger. One way is to wear a chunky necklace that would draw attention upwards and will also highlight the top half of the body. Long earrings will have the same effect.Women with round body tend to have a full face, full bust-line, broad shoulders, a somewhat undefined waistline and a flat bottom will want to draw attention away from their middle. Wearing a double or multi-tiered beaded necklace can draw attention to their upper body. The idea is to draw a lot of attention towards your face.Women with a rectangular body have busts and hips of roughly the same width and very unnoticeable waistline. They normally have a thick neck and proportioned arms and legs. In other words, everything works for them. Choosing jewelry for this body type would be a matter of preference.

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