The Strategic Relationship Consultant, Stephanie Mintz

Known internationally as The Strategic Relationship Consultant, Stephanie Mintz works to provide individuals and couples with beneficial strategies to reach their relationship goals. After graduating from Emory University and getting her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, she set out into her career as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for ten years.

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As Stephanie’s practice blossomed, she saw that her clients could profit from learning more active steps toward change as opposed to the traditional opportunity of solely discussing their feelings. Digging deep into her knowledge and experience from working with all different types of couples and singles, she began to produce distinctive strategies to go hand in hand with the help she was providing.

After seeing success in her new found practice, Stephanie divided these strategies and her original therapies in 2020 and started working with clients across the globe as The Strategic Relationship Consultant! Today, she is coveted for her skills in helping couples in various stages of their lives and relationships. Stephanie aims to help people understand the “why” behind their struggles and formulate strategies specific to each situation that aid in providing immediate results to assist in couples better navigating their journey together. 

Stephanie has helped endless couples improve their connection and communication, as well as give them the tools to reignite the spark that once was there and enjoy each other again!

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