The Truth About Energy And Why You Must Be Passionate About The Energy In Your Surroundings

Photographer: Anthony Steverson

By Nastasya Rose

As I write the beginning of this article from Palm Springs, California, on a retreat to work and to heal, I am experiencing a couple of transformative moments.

When I return from this trip, I’ll be letting go of:

  • A coaching location I loved to run, The VIVE Centre, but also where I never felt more unsafe
  • Relationships that just didn’t serve me, to form new ones that do
  • The ego that’s run me into danger, every time

Why would I be this transparent in my very first article for Bella Magazine?

Well, I want you to see the TRUE beauty in what it is to let go, and be passionate in the energy you create.

See, we always think we have to hold on to something just because it looks fancy; because it’s something we wanted our whole career, but never had. Little do we know when we hold on to these things for all the wrong reasons, we’re limited to how high we can rise.

If we continue to hold onto these things, we are at danger in creating the worst energy we’ve ever had, and never wanted.

For example, I held on to my power in my Centre because after working so hard for an entire decade in my career, and in running my company, I said, “This belongs to me. This is meant to be mine.”

That just sounds like I’m forgetting who my Higher Power truly is, by thinking it’s me.

You know that image with Jesus holding the huge huge teddy bear, waiting for the child to let go of the little one? That’s exactly how I felt when first letting my first Centre location go. I held on to this little Centre I loved so dear because I saw the potential in it. I saw what it could truly be, and how well we could serve people in it.

But at the end of the day? We outgrew it. We were no longer tolerant to the unsafe feelings we felt in the building; scared for our lives every day we walked in.

We were intolerant to the unhealthy mental ways accepted behind closed doors in this building. We were in danger every day, and had no idea how to use our voice to speak for peace, and justice. And worst of all, no one knew.

Here’s the power of letting go.

When you ask for greatness, you must be ready for the Universe to give it to you. You cannot, I repeat, cannot, keep holding on to the first vision. You’re meant to be blessed with more. 

As you grow, your vision expands. This is how our next Centre location is going to be way better than the first, after our current company rebrand releases who we truly are come 2021.

You connect more with who you truly are in your journey as you walk the walk. And because of that, the final pages in the chapter are never what you first wrote.

You must let go of the toxic to make room for the vision truly meant to exist. Because of that, you must be passionate about the energy you create in your space.

But how can you do this?

Well, it’s easier said than done, but the steps are simple. Let’s talk about the three biggest influences of energy, backed by science:

  1. Emotional energy – How does your emotional energy play a role in how you make your everyday decisions? This is a huge reason why you must keep your energy on point.
  2. Mental energy – How are you making sure you’re keeping a stable and sane mind? Workouts? Yoga? Meditation? Whatever it is, stick with it, especially in this pandemic. Your consistent sane mind is what’s going to keep you moving through and through.
  3. Physical energy – how is your body feeling throughout the day? What signs does your body give you as you move around certain places, things, and people? What can you do to keep your physical energy at its best peak to keep making proper decisions, from what you put in your body, to where you hang out? This is crucial to keep things moving.

As you take these areas of your energy seriously, then you will be blessed with people, places, and things, that align way better with your soul, and without force. Because hey, that’s the goal isn’t it? To have less force and more flow?

I really hope this article enlightens you on the truth of energy, and why you should be passionate about it. There’s nothing wrong with having passion in your energy. The better you create the energy you want in your space, the more successful your life can be. 

Let go of what isn’t serving you. Make space for the energy that does. 

If you want more help with your energy detox and mastery, I’m happy to announce our infamous Rock the Detox Challenge is opening for enrollment! You can enroll for the next Challenge Round starting November 23rd here.

Remember this:

If you’re passionate about your vision being real, be passionate about your energy.

With all my heart,

Nastasya Rose, Founder + Master Coach of VIVE

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