THE VIP LIST: Top Spots for Fall Outdoor Dining

By: Audrey Jongens and Meg Radice

The VIP List is an all-inclusive lifestyle agency co-founded by two lifelong best friends: Audrey Jongens and Maeghan Radice. The pair met in preschool and have been best friends since. In April, during the depths of quarantine, Meg and Aud would facetime everyday out of pure boredom. They started uploading nightclub reviews on Tik Tok using content from their pre-quarantined lives with the expectation that the venues would soon re-open.

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As quarantine continued, they ran out of nightclub content and looked to their other passions (food & drink) to stimulate creativity. They realized that they were in the top cities for dining and entertainment. (Meg was living in New York City and Audrey was living in Miami.) After the page gained a lot of traction, Meg & Aud started looking at their Tik Tok concept as a potential business. Audrey was a 2020 graduate of the University of Miami and the job market was extremely scarce, instead of re-signing her lease in Miami she decided to move up to New York City to live with Meg and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

This was the beginning of The VIP List. The company works to share a taste of the luxury metropolitan lifestyle through refined reviews. We provide an insider perspective on “the best of the best” throughout all niches of society. Here are our Top Spots for Fall Outdoor Dining, enjoy!



Tik Tok:

Type of Food: Italian

Price Range: $16-$75

Location: FiDi (multiple locations across the city)

Description: Cipriani is an iconic restaurant, our favorite location in the city is Club 55 on Wall Street.  Not only is this a place to be seen but the outdoor terrace is perfect for socially-distanced dining.  The view is great and the hospitality is unmatched.  Every dish is incredible- literally every single thing on the menu we recommend.  You can expect celebrity sightings and a hefty bill however it is worth every single penny.  One of our favorite restaurants in the city.

Tags: Italian, Top Spot, View, Outdoor Dining, Ambiance, Celebrity Sightings

Our Picks: Bellini (obviously), Steak Tartare, Mozzarella, Baked Tagliolini with Ham, Eggplant Parm, Bolognese, Meringue Cake

Malibu Farm


Tik Tok:

Type of Food: Healthy/Organic

Price Range: $10-$30; $$

Location: South Street Seaport

Description: This California concept is serving farm-to-table food with panoramic views of New York City.  We love their setup for outdoor dining, there is just something about drinking a cocktail on the water!  Really love this spot for a light bite or a night out with friends!

Tags: Healthy, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Date Night, Outdoor Dining, Brunch

Our Picks: Watermelon Cocktail, Cauliflower Pizza, Stop Light Tacos, Helene’s Grilled Salmon

Jue-Lan Kitchen


Tik Tok:

Type of Food: Asian Fusion

Price Range: $13-$38; $$$

Location: Flatiron

Description: This upscale, asian-fusion restaurant has incredible ambiance and even better food. Celebrity sightings are almost guaranteed. Their outdoor setup is on point- big umbrellas, lights, and gorgeous pink accents. They have a sick private room and the inside is completely covered in graffiti.  There is art everywhere, we highly recommend this place for a night out.

Tags: Asian, Celebrity Sightings, Outdoor Dining, Boujee, Special Occasion

Our Picks: Lychee Martini, Truffle Edamame Dumplings, Crispy Rice with Tuna, Beijing Chicken, Wok Filet Mignon, Fruity Pebble Ice Cream



Tik Tok:

Type of Food: French

Price Range: $14-$28

Location: Chelsea

Description: Loulou is a really charming French Bistro in the heart of Chelsea. They have some of the coolest drinks we have seen and the food is fantastic.  They have a large patio which is perfect for social distancing, the ambiance is great- perfect spot for a date night.

Tags: Outdoor Dining, Date Night, French, Best Drinks, Top Spot

Our Picks: Bird Drink, Baked Camembert, Brussel Sprouts, Burger



Tik Tok:

Type of Food: Italian

Price Range: $12-$62

Location: NoMad

Description: Scarpetta is perfect for special occasions.  The pink umbrellas are iconic, we absolutely love their outdoor setup.  The food is amazing and the aesthetics are so on point, every single plate is gorgeous.  The aperitivo is perfect for a cute lunch and the ambiance makes it a great spot for a boujee night out.

Tags: Outdoor Dining, Italian, Ambiance, Instagrammable, Top Spot, Boujee, Special Occasion

Our Picks: Frose, Burrata, Steak Tartare, Spaghetti with Marinara, Lobster Linguini


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