This 6-year-old CEO Is Gifting DIY Plane Kits To Children Of Essential Workers

Being socially isolated for months can be tough for everyone, but many kids who are not able to go to school are struggling even more. There’s only so much you can do at home, when you’re not allowed to play with friends and roam around as you used to. This entrepreneurial 6-year-old found a way to beat the quarantine blues, and support other kids going through a difficult time: With his new company, Creations by Nicholas, the young CEO offers DIY plane kits, and even gifts free kits to children of essential workers.

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Read more about Creations by Nicholas, and the Kits for Kids program, from the founder himself!

At only 6 years old, you have already launched your own company, Creations by Nicholas — what motivated you to do this in times of the coronavirus?

My mom told me to start a business during the coronavirus. One day, she put a huge box of crafts on the table and I decided to make a plane. Then, my baby brother tried to take it away from me, so I made him a plane of his own. After I saw him loving the plane, a lightbulb came on… and I thought: hey, my business should be selling craft planes! People can buy craft planes in different colors, or DIY kits. The kits come with all the materials kids need to build their own plane.

How are you hoping to inspire other children with your DIY Plane Kits?

I want kids to get creative, just like me. I chose planes because they let you travel, and I love traveling. But… we can’t travel right now, so I want kids to imagine they’re traveling to anywhere they want to go — even to your friend’s house; you can do that, too!

What was your dream job before becoming a CEO? And has this changed since?

I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up! Being a CEO is pretty cool because I’ve never owned a company before. I love getting orders and seeing what people choose to buy… if they want a kit or a colored plane. Getting orders makes me excited, so maybe I want to own more businesses when I’m older.

Your love for travel inspired your idea. Where would you like to go one day, when it is safe to travel again?

I would like to go to Los Gatos (California) because I have family there and I really miss them. I would also like to go to New York and see my cousins. I’ve never been to Paris, and I think it would be neat to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. And Hawaii, so I could go to a real Luau.

You are generously supporting kids whose parents are working on the front lines of the pandemic. Do you have any advice to help them through this difficult time?

My Kits for Kids program gives free kits to kids whose mom or dad are treating the coronavirus. It would make me worried if my mom or dad went to the hospital every day, so I’m trying to bring joy to kids who miss their parents. I would suggest kids do art, because art makes you get creative, and if you miss your mom or dad too much, you can make them a card.

What are your future plans for Creations by Nicholas?

I want Creations by Nicholas to be a big, big business. I want to get a lot of orders and make new items and new kits, so people have more to choose from.

Check out his work at, and follow along on Instagram @mamaandmyboys!


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