This canned rosé is crushing it from The Hamptons to New York and beyond.


It was a Wednesday, I was treated to a delicious dinner at the new millennial diner-inspired Gertie in Williamsburg. VINNY was the guest of honor, along with their founder, NoMad’s Executive Wine director and founder of Empire Estates Wine, Thomas Pastuszak. The following week, I was treated to a feast fit for, well a Hamptonite, at the new Gurney’s Star Island where, yet again, the two guests of honors shone brightly alongside Kristin Tice Studeman and the Rosé Project.

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Since then I’ve casually sipped cans of VINNY with friend’s, found copious amounts of it for an upcoming birthday party, and am sipping on a can as I write this story. This portable, delicious, option is providing the wine-drinking community a sound option for tasty wine on the go and single-serve sipping.

Made in New York, the Finger Lakes to be exact, Patuszak set out to create a beverage that embodies the high standard of wine he has built his career on. The goal was to match top tier taste with the ease and accessibility of a canned beverage while championing a new wine region in the process.

So why VINNY?

Well let’s talk about the obvious, the ability to enjoy quality bubbly whenever, wherever (LIRR I’m looking at you), and in single-serving sizes. The taste, green apple, lemon and lime for the white, and the strawberry, lemon and peach for the rosé, each flavor is crisp and refreshing without being too sweet or too dry. Both flavors are great on their own or incorporated in a cocktail.

Simplicity is the selling point for most, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about taking the simplicity and elevating it, something Patuszak has perfected with VINNY. “We are making the wine intentionally to make Vinny — it’s not an afterthought,” he said. “Ultimately you want a lean, crisp wine that has somebody and texture in it to provide the foundation for what ultimately is a satisfying effervescence in a can.”

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