This New Wellness Company Tackles Supplements in a Brand New Way

Now there’s a brand new way to take your nutrition to the next level. Forget those horse pills that are annoying to swallow, and nix the powders that don’t always taste great. Recently launched by former SmartPak founder Paal Gisholt, along with a team of medical and scientific experts, Blueshift Nutrition provides a whole new way for consumers to take supplements. Years in development, the world’s first hydro-nutrient system provides drinkable nutrition powered by plant-rich formulas, packing up to ten times more nutrients into your system than traditional pills and gummies.

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“Vitamins are often unpleasant to swallow, unpalatable, and can be full of added sugar and fillers,” said Gisholt. “Drinkables are the way to go if you want to get nutrient-dense, plant-rich supplements. But drinkable supplements can be a pain to make and tend to settle at the bottom of your cup. Blueshift solves these problems.”

Blueshift not only offers more than 25 formulations to help aid in everything from sleep and digestion to energy and stress, (with plans to grow to 40 by this spring) but they also come with a tech-forward wellness bottle featuring a lift-to-blend technology, ensuring each sip is packed with nutrients. The futuristic bottle also reminds you to drink your water, celebrates your success, and connects to a Blueshift Nutrition app to easily track hydration. Each blend is back by research and formulated by a team of renowned doctors, scientists, and nutrition experts, including celebrity nutritionist Harley Pasternak.

Ingesting your nutrients via water allows your body to absorb the benefits more quickly, and Blueshift puts an emphasis not only on the quality of the nutrients, but the quality of their flavors, as well. Best of all, your money isn’t wasted on a supplement that doesn’t give you optimal levels of nutrients, or settles at the bottom of your cup untouched. It’s the ultimate wellness package, designed to bring ease to your supplement routine and improve your overall health. The new Hydro-Nutrient System is now available for an introductory price of $80, which includes the wellness bottle and an eight-pod sampler.

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