TikToker Gillian Grace Uses LEGO’s As A Contouring Tool

Hey makeup lovers, when you think best makeup tips, does your mind automatically go to…LEGOs? No? Well, Gillian Grace thinks otherwise!

Beauty TikToker Gillian Grace (@gillianxgrace), with 902K followers, is going viral for her non-traditional take on contouring.

Gillian contours with an array of objects, such as cookie cutters, bottles, and even LEGOs, creating unique shapes with liquid foundation, bronzer and blush that she then blends in. These inventive contour how-tos have garnered up to 31 million views due to their satisfying visuals. Keep reading for Gillian’s tips and tricks for all things makeup, beauty and self care!

What are your best LEGO tips for makeup application?:

I chose to use Lego Duplo because they were larger and easier to hold and stamp onto the skin. Using Lego Duplo created a bigger circle pattern, and for a smaller circle pattern, I’d suggest using classic Legos that tend to be smaller. I like to apply a very little amount of product (blush, contour, concealer, etc.) to the Legos prior to stamping to keep the circles from smudging and being too thick on the skin. You can paint the products onto the Legos with a makeup brush, or press the Lego into the product on a makeup mixing palette. When you stamp the Legos onto your skin to create the look, use light pressure. Lego Contouring is a great way to express your creativity and have fun.

How did you get started in makeup?:

I have loved makeup artistry since I was very young. My Mom was a makeup artist for many years, and she inspired me to try it. I always had so much fun going through her makeup (I still do), and trying new products and techniques. Some of my favorite makeup memories are going to Sephora with my Mom and shopping together; it’s something we still love to do! I still have makeup tutorials on my first laptop, that I used to create with my friends when I was younger. Over the years, I have grown more passionate about makeup and I love to express my creativity through my art. I will never forget when I put concealer all over my face for the first time many years ago and thought I came up with a brilliant technique. That’s when my Mom introduced me to foundation; it was one of my makeup milestones!

What are your favorite go-to beauty products?: 

There are so many beauty products that I LOVE. My go-to products vary depending on the look I’m going for and the mood I’m in. For a no makeup-makeup day, I love to pop on a light coat of brown mascara to make my lashes pop. Cream bronzers and blushes have also become essentials in my makeup routine. I find that cream products melt into the skin beautifully, and give me the most natural look. I also enjoy the versatility of the products, and often use blush and bronzer on my lips and eyes. Concealer is also essential in my routine, as I find so many uses for it. From brightening my under eyes, spot concealing a blemish, cleaning up my eyeshadow and eyeliner, etc. it’s a staple.

What is something other than makeup that makes you feel beautiful?:

Self care and self kindness makes me feel beautiful. Taking care of ourselves is so important inside and out, and I always try to prioritize taking care of my mind and body. One act of self kindness that I enjoy is skincare. I always say that I love skincare as much as I love makeup, and it’s the truth. When I take time out of my day to give myself a few moments of care and kindness, it helps me feel like myself and that’s when I feel the most beautiful.


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