Tiny Home Trends for 2022

Around 63% of millennials would consider buying a tiny house—a fact that makes sense when you consider that the millennial generation is particularly taken by the idea of sustainable, environmentally-kind living. Tiny homes require little energy to run, they are cheap, and best of all, in current times, they pose exciting design possibilities that take this lifestyle beyond the practical. If the idea of living large with less resonates with your mindset and you may be considering making the switch, the following trends may inspire.

 Green and Tiny

A home measuring approximately 186 square feet uses up only 7% of an average home’s kWh, which is one of the reasons why tiny homes are trending. However, current home dwellers are seeking additional ways in which to bring their carbon footprint down. There are many steps that go towards leading a tinier, greener lifestyle. These include using sustainable materials for flooring and fixtures (think bamboo, reclaimed wood, or sustainably sourced solid wood), solar panels, composting toilets, and rainwater tanks. Ensuring that homes are well insulated and relying on energy-efficient equipment and lighting are also key.

Pre-fabricated and Fabulous

Tiny home buyers may wish to scale down until they can afford to buy a larger house but with homes like Nestron’s sci-fi-inspired Cube One they may just be tempted to stay a lifetime. Cube One is a low-cost, pre-fabricated abode with tech that inspires—including built-in furniture, voice-controlled technology, and a galvanized steel shell that keeps dwellers comfortable even in very hot or cold temperatures. At a price of $30,000, it sounds like a good choice for those who don’t want to sacrifice their sense of ‘chic’ when scaling down their abodes.

Two-Story Perfection

Adding an extra storey to your tiny home enables home dwellers to live more independently and divide their interior space more effectively. IKEA Japan recently launched a Tiny Homes campaign in Tokyo’s busy Shinjuku district, increasing the home’s verticality to lend it a duplex-style look and feel. Downstairs you can find a living space, office area, kitchenette, bathroom, and clothes washer. Climb up the ladder and you will find the sleeping mezzanine zone, where a comfy bed and a different color scheme make it easy to feel like you are in a totally different space.

Eclectic Interiors

Many people who opt for tiny home living do so out of a desire to cut down on non-essentials and live a more minimalist lifestyle. However, this doesn’t mean that interiors have to be sparse or all-white. Maximalism and eclecticism are two big trends in current design and this applies just as strongly to tiny homes as it does to usual-sized ones. To embrace this trend, mix and match colors, textures, and patterns, combine traditional pieces (think a Chesterfield headboard) with modernistic touches like hanging Italian pendant lights. Embrace the fun of contrasting prints and patterns in details like walls, flooring, and kitchen backsplashes.

Tiny homes are an ideal choice for those wishing to embrace sustainability while cutting down on costs. Top designers are showing that these homes needn’t be sparse or minimalistic. Just a few trends to watch out for include ultra-green, prefab, two-story and eclectically kitted homes that are as attractive as they are practical.

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