Tips And Advice For First-Time Air Travelers


Flying for the first time can be stressful and tedious for some people. However, it is not as hard or stressful as one might think. It is actually a very easy and stress-free experience for those who know about what normally happens. Here are the things that first-time fliers should expect before they board the plane.

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Pack Everything in Advance

One of the most important pieces of advice for first-time air travelers is to pack everything as soon as possible. Do not pack everything at the last minute or rush. Take your time and think about what you need and what is allowed on a plane. Allowing yourself an extra cushion of time to pack things reduces the stress of flying for the first time. It also gives you enough time to think thoroughly about what to pack so that you don’t run into any complications later on.

Know the Rules of Vaping

You can pack vape products and e-cigarettes in your carry-on luggage, but they cannot go in your checked luggage. If you are packing your vape when flying, make sure you know all of the rules to avoid complications in security or luggage claim. Vaping is generally not allowed on commercial aircraft, but many airports have designated areas for smoking and vaping.

Getting to the Airport

Make sure that you are at the airport at least two hours before your flight time. If you are going to be traveling internationally, get to the airport three hours before your flight time. This is important because of the fact that you have to go through a number of experiences such as finding where your plane is, having your bags checked and having your identification checked. The time cushion allows for complications that may or may not happen at the airport, even after you’ve checked-in early and taken other measures to minimize your time getting processed at the airport. Many airlines stop check-ins 30 to 60 minutes before the time of a scheduled flight. Also, many airlines stop checking bags 45 to 60 minutes before the time of departure.

Regulations About Luggage

Airlines have regulations about what you can carry with you onto the airplane. Usually, people can have carry-ons that are up to 24 inches by 17 inches by 10 inches. However, the regulations differ by airport. There are some things TSA will not allow you to bring onto an airplane. Do research about these items before you pack your bags.

Turbulence is Normal

Just because there is turbulence on an airplane, that doesn’t mean that the plane is in distress. It is very rare for turbulence to lead to a dangerous situation. Usually, when turbulence is either expected or happening, the pilot puts the seat belt light on. Not only does most turbulence stop after a few minutes, but the aircraft is designed to fly through such conditions. What’s more, pilots are trained to respond to rough patches of airspace as a matter of routine and will circumnavigate any conditions which could be hazardous for the aircraft.

In conclusion, these are the things that first-time fliers should expect and prepare for before boarding a plane. You should expect to follow regulations about luggage, get to the airport hours in advance, pack everything in advance and know the rules of vaping.


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