To Supplement or Not to Supplement


So, I am not a big believer in supplements, but there are a few I think people can benefit from. I truly believe if you have a well balanced diet, you can get most of your vitamins and minerals from real food. If you are feeling like you need an extra boost or something supplemental to your diet, I recommend these supplements:

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Vitamin D: MOST people have low levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D is so important and it regulates a lot more than you think. It is essential to life and feeling good. You are always better off going to your doctor and asking for a vitamin D test. If your levels are below 40, you may benefit from a D3 5000. For maintenance purposes, taking 2,000IU is perfect. Also, vitamin D is hard to get from foods which is why taking a supplement is your best bet! Foods highest in vitamin D are:

  • fatty fish
  • egg yolks

B Complex: B vitamins also play a huge role in your health. If you are vegan you may need to take a B12 supplement. If you are extremely run down and stressed then B6 is good for you. Each B vitamin plays a role and each are vital to the body. Taking a B complex covers all bases. These are also water-soluble, meaning whatever is not used, and you will excrete through your urine.

Probiotics: If you have ever been on massive doses of antibiotics, or you eat the SAD (standard American diet) then you could probably use some good gut bacteria. Your gut bacteria are what either makes your gut healthy or unhealthy. If you have too many “bad bugs” in your gut then you may experience IBS symptoms, bloating, gas etc. You want to replace the good gut bacteria and probiotics are a great way to do this. Make sure your probiotics are refrigerated and are refrigerated when you purchase them.

Vitamin C: Need an extra immunity boost? Vitamin C is a great little vitamin to take when you feel a cold coming on or you feel stressed and tired. You can definitely get enough vitamin C if you are eating fruits and veggies, but for that added coverage it isn’t bad to take. From what I have seen, most people do not get enough fresh fruits in their diet. Vitamin C is also water-soluble and anything that is not used will come out. Some foods that are high in vitamin C are:

  • oranges
  • strawberries
  • pineapple
  • kiwi
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Peppers

As I stated before, if you can get most of your vitamins and minerals from real food, that is amazing. Sometimes it isn’t a bad thing to supplement for a few months. Always see how you feel. Many people take tons of supplements, and don’t even know if they are working or not. You should also contact your physician before starting any new regimen.



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