Today’s Most Fashion Forward TV Channels & Shows

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Fashion is like technology – it is always evolving. They are also interconnected now that people can post shots on social media directly from the runway, fashion television shows bring style right into homes and websites offer endless media focused on nothing but the latest looks.

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If you want to fully immerse yourself in the fashion world you’ll need multimedia connections. Many fashionistas have discovered that Direct TV + Internet bundling options give you an all-access pass, including videos of the latest runway shows. A television + Internet package is going to be the most cost effective way to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion news and trends from around the world.

If fashion is your forte, here is just a sampling of what you can find online and on TV to satisfy your style cravings.

Home Shopping Network

Over the last few years the Home Shopping Network (HSN) has worked to revamp its image so that isn’t seen as an outlet just for mature women. The channel has recently partnered with modern fashion icons like Jessica Simpson to attract a younger fashion audience.


With shows like Project Runway (and the numerous spinoffs) Lifetime has positioned itself as one of the top channels for fashion forward viewers. As long as Heidi and Tim are looking for the next big designer on Lifetime, fashion lovers will want to tune into this channel.

E! Entertainment

One of the most common questions in celebrity interviews is, “who are you wearing?”  Along with the latest Hollywood happenings, E! Entertainment offers a healthy dose of fashion on just about every program.

Esquire Network

Men’s fashion has a home on the relatively new Esquire Network. How I Rock It is a great take on today’s best men’s style and the guys who are taking fashion risks that show personality.

Jewelry Television

Our fashion obsession for jewelry is already well known. Accessories can make an outfit and sparkle looks great with just about everything. You’ll find all the latest designs on Jewelry Television.


Music and fashion go hand-in-hand. From the red carpet of the Music Awards to House of Fashion, which was recently revamped by the channel, you’ll get tons of style on MTV. For anyone wanting to get a better understanding of youth fashion trends MTV will provide an inside look.


Over the years Oxygen has produced a number of shows that are centered around fashion. Right now focus is on nails, which have had some big style moments lately thanks to celebs like Rihanna.

Rocks TV

Get your bling on at Rocks TV. This is the only channel where you’ll find 24/7 reverse jewelry auctions with the latest accessory styles.


Just like MTV, VH1 chronicles the life and work of today’s biggest musicians that are influencing fashion trends on and off the stage. Currently hip hop culture gets heavy coverage on the channel.


If bridal fashion is your current focus WE TV has not one but three shows centered around getting ready for the big day. There are also a few other unique angles on style including L.A. Hair and Goo Ru Style.

When you have Internet you can get additional clips, news updates, previews and live streaming online for the channels above whether you’re at home or on the go. There are also corresponding YouTube channels for even more fashion news and views. Plus, you’ll be able to keep up-to-date with all of the fashion magazines as well as online exclusives like

Technology + fashion has never looked better.

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