Too Cool for Rules

Are you too cool for rules?  I bet you are.  In general, I agree with this principle (even for makeup), but in other instances, I disagree.  In other words, sometimes I am a liberal, other times I am a conservative. 

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One of the things that I love about being in the beauty industry is that you can create your own set of rules.  Yup…pretty awesome job.  But, still technique is KING.

It amazes me when makeup is celebrated, worn, or flaunted when it’s being worn incorrectly.

Make sure you are NOT too cool for these rules:

  1. Wearing concealer 3+  or more shades lighter than your skin tone.
  2. Wearing too many layers of foundation.  You should not look like you’re wearing a mask.
  3. Wearing extremely long eyelashes (aka eye weave)…it looks scary.
  4. Shaving your eyebrows and drawing (or tattooing) them back on.  I still don’t get this one.
  5. Too much blush.  It should not be the color of an actual fruit when worn on your cheeks.

I may get some threats and backlash for saying this…BUT it had to be said.

My point: Don’t be TOO COOL for Rules.

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