Top Three Weight Loss Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them: Part 3

Afternoon or Evening Munchies

Nearly every woman I talk to has a “witching” hour, when she gravitates to the pantry.  (This will be especially true if you’ve been 1. Skipping meals and 2. Not eating enough veggies!).  In addition to following the recommendations above, I also have found it really helpful to create a relaxing ritual to replace the habit of eating to relieve stress or numb out after a hard day.

Try retreating to a quiet space in your house for a few minutes of deep breathing exercises.  Since most of us don’t get enough oxygen during the day because we are in the habit of holding our breath (catch yourself when you are busy and stressed and see if this isn’t true!), several slow, deep breaths can have an extreme, relaxing effect. 

Another great tip is to keep a stash of novels and magazines in the bathroom and by your bed (or electronic versions on your tablet device!) and retreat for 10-15 minutes for a little escape reading before jumping back into the evening fray.  Escapism doesn’t have to involve chocolate or pretzels.

Try putting just one of these new habits into place for a couple of weeks, and see if you don’t feel healthier and happier!  The following month, add another.  Permanent change is the result of gradual and consistent commitment to replacing unhealthy habits with better ones.

~Elaine Morales

About Elaine:  Elaine Morales, Health and Lifestyle Transformation Coach, helps frazzled and frustrated women gain freedom from food drama, ditch yo-yo dieting and emotional overeating, and achieve their ideal weight in a way that is healthy and joyful. To learn more about Elaine’s pleasurable approach to realizing the body and life of your dreams, check out

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