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Top Trending Hairstyles and Expert Tips Set to Take Over This Fall


As fall is just around the corner so is the new season of hair trends. Cherry’s Blow Dry Bar is just one of 18 salons and is part of the fastest-growing blow dry bar chain in the country with 60 new salons set to open in the next few months.

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Director of Education and Operations at Cherry’s, Marilynne Cosmillo, shares what hair trends we can expect to see this fall and even includes some expert styling tips.



Uneven hair is all the rage. We’re seeing more shoulder length A-line cuts now as a new version of the A-line bobs. The gorgeous Taraji P. Henson featured a perfect A-Line Cut on one of our BELLA covers.
Out: A-Line Bob
In: A-Line Shoulder Length Hair

Styling Tips:


Side bangs are out. Choppy bangs are in. They offer a more casual look that’s even easier to style.

Out: Side Bangs

In: Choppy bangs

Styling Tips:


This fall, the focus will be on the crown. Side parts will giveaway to more volume at the top, keeping the focus on the crown, rather than the back. Polished & primped yet understated make it the perfect day-to-night look.

Out: Pulled back hair

In: Side Part Up do

Styling Tips:

What do you think of these fall hairstyles? We are excited to see some new, fresh hairstyles this season and eager to experiment with some new styling techniques.


By Sophie Knight

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