Travel Diary: The Ranch 4.0 Malibu

By Gwen Wunderlich

After feeling the stress and fatigue that comes with running my own business, I decided it was time to make a change and finally do something for myself. I committed to immersing myself in a four-day program designed to jump-start my health and fitness routine. Beautiful Southern California, where my days would be spent exercising, eating well-balanced meals and connecting with nature beckoned. This decision would stick with me long after I left and would change my life for the better.


  • We began our mornings with a four-hour group hike through the scenic hills of Malibu. It was a positive and thought-provoking way to start the day and a fun way to connect with other members participating in the same experience.


  • One of my favorite times of the day – after hours spent hiking, completing core and weight work and afternoon yoga sessions, we were treated to daily personal massages. It was a time to decompress and a reward for a day of hard work.


  • Lunch in a luxury greenhouse enjoying one of many delectable meals made of the freshest ingredients grown in the resort’s own organic garden. Although we solely ate organic vegetarian meals that excluded alcohol, caffeine, soy, gluten, diary and processed sugars, the meals were surprisingly delicious and gave us the energy to successfully complete our active days.



  • Another wonderful meal spent with new friends and toasting our completion of the program – cheers!



  • Afternoon yoga, combining stretching and weights



  • A small, beautifully plated snack enjoyed in the garden




  • Each night I looked forward to luxuriating in my incredible, large marble bathtub. With plush bathrobe and candles, relaxing after each long day was effortless.


  • The resort was a haven, exuding tranquility and beauty. I enjoyed walking from my room to the spa at twilight, passing the outdoor pool with a romantically lit series of waterfalls cascading down the surrounding rocks. The indoor pool was pristine and equally serene, with a massive skylight ideal for stargazing.




  • A stunning view of the resort at dusk




  • Unsurprisingly, the bedrooms were equally impeccable. The lush surroundings allowed for peaceful rest at the end of each day and provided a breathtaking view of the mountains each morning.