Travel Must Haves for the Perfect Getaway

With the holidays quickly approaching, a lot of us are preparing to travel, whether to visit family and friends or escape for some quick R&R before the hustle and bustle begins.

Over the past few months I was fortunate to hit the road a few times for BELLA Magazine and have already begun planning my 2020 adventures. Whether I’m checking out a new city or flying the friendly skies to one of my favorite Caribbean destinations, there are a few essentials that I never leave home without.

Some of my travel “must-haves” are also part of my everyday routine so I’ve rounded up a few favorites to help you feel your best when living your most BELLA life!

P.S. – They also make for some great holiday gifts!

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Riley Versa Extrovert Bag – No matter where I go my laptop is always one of my traveling companions. That means I need a bag big enough to fit not only my computer but all of the other items like my passport, wallet, makeup bag, and of course the most recent issue of BELLA magazine. But since I like to pack light, the clear tote by Riley Versa is the perfect travel companion. Not only does it allow TSA to see exactly what’s in my bag, once I arrive at my destination, it now becomes my beach bag. The interior pouch (which is removable) doubles as my crossbody thanks to the detachable strap. With a variety of pouches to choose from, I’m currently loving the toile print.

Extrovert Bag Clear Handle w/Toile Pouch – $150

Jet Set Candy Compass Charm – I’ve always loved a compass because it serves as a reminder of the destination I want to reach. They keep us on our course and each direction represents a meaning – with a compass, our path will always be clear. That’s why I love Jet Set Candy’s colorful compass charms. It’s the perfect accessory, especially when I’m heading off to a new destination. This travel-centric line of jewelry boasts a variety of keepsake pieces for the world traveler. As T.S. Elliot so eloquently said, “It’s the journey not the arrival that matters.”

Mini 14k gold vermeil compass – $68, Large 14k gold vermeil compass – $98


Regardless of whether I am traveling or not, sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories [I own way too many to count]! My current obsession is a brand called Dynamikos, particularly the Delilah in camo. With a cat eye shape reminiscent of the 1950’s, this particular frame is extremely flattering. What I love even more about the brand then their fabulous glasses is the work they do in giving back through their products. Each purchase made generates a donation to organizations and causes close to creator, Dayna Lee Cornelius’ heart. Her passion for making a difference in the lives of others makes a purchase from Dynamikos that much more special.

Delilah – shown here in camo, available in six different colors – $195

Cindy Karen

I am all about comfort when traveling, especially on long trips, so my travel go-to has always been along the lines of leggings and a comfy sweat jacket. But after a quick scroll through Insta one day I knew it was time to take my travel wardrobe up a notch after I noticed celebs and influencers alike looking as if they were ready to hit the runway (and I don’t mean the aviation kind). I knew it was time to ditch my current travel attire and find something more versatile with a high-end look, without sacrificing that element of comfort. That’s where fashion brand Cindy Karen comes in; her line of travel wear inspired by her life in the aviation world provides pieces that allow you to go from day to night regardless of which mode of travel you choose. From pants to tops, jackets and dresses, this designer has got you covered. I’ve traded in those leggings for the Cape Town slacks which can be dressed up with heals, or down for comfort.

Cape Town Slacks, shown in black, available in five different colors – $98

AWAY Luggage    

For the longest time I had trouble finding a suitcase that met my travel needs, until I discovered AWAY luggage. The Carry On piece in a polycarbonate (hard shell) material has changed the way in which I pack. The interior organization has made it possible for someone like me, who loves to fit everything into one bag, the opportunity to do just that. For me, less is more, and I prefer not to check my luggage if I don’t have to. Plus, staying connected on the go is made even easier with this “smart luggage” which allows you to charge any phone or USB devise on-the-go. Both the Carry-On and Bigger Carry-On (hard shell) luggage offers the option of purchasing with the ejectable battery. This feature allows you to pop the battery out either before checking your luggage or carrying into the cabin. What’s even better is although it’s removed from your luggage, you can keep using it to charge your device.

AWAY The Carry-On, shown here in Navy – $225

Slip Sleep Mask

Like so many people, getting a solid eight to nine hours of sleep is a thing of the past, so when I travel, I try and use the time, however long or short it may be, to catch up on some much needed rest. Plus, it allows me to feel refreshed once I’ve reached my destination. Since I often try and catch the first flight, or train, sleeping in daylight can be rough. To help block out light, and to ensure my beauty rest doesn’t get interrupted I never leave home without my sleep mask from Slip. Made of 100% silk, this mask is gentle on the skin, which is important when flying as our skin tends to dry out, and it does not disappoint when it comes to blocking out the light for a peaceful sleep. Available in a variety of colors and fun patterns, Slip allows you to sleep in style!

Slip Sleep Mask, shown here in Pink Marble – $50

Soothing Face Mist by Glossier

On a good day I find my skin tends to be on the drier side, so when I travel I make sure to hydrate even more than I usually do. The dry cabin air is no one’s friend and so it’s important to counter the effects of that dry air. To help keep my skin feeling fresh, I make sure to always bring along my Soothing Face Mist Rosewater spray by Glossier. Made with rosewater and aloe, it keeps my skin feeling smooth and hydrated and is gentle on your skin. Plus it smells good! Between the amount of water that I drink, and my face mist that I use before and after a flight, it’s safe to say my skin is definitely feeling the love.

Soothing Face Mist 3.2 oz. – $15

Balm Dotcom

I’m overly cautious about keeping my skin hydrated (regardless of whether I’m traveling or not) and that includes keeping my lips feeling soft. Like the skin on our face, our lips are exposed to the elements and affected by the dry air and lack of moisture when flying. To keep them protected (both in the air and on the ground) I love Balm Dotcom by Glossier, a hydrating, multi-purpose lip balm and all around protecting skin salve. Packed with antioxidants and natural emollients my lips feel soft and I know they’re protected. The balm comes in eight different flavors and I’m currently obsessing over birthday cake (inspired by Milk Bar’s famous Birthday Cake). Untinted with a subtle shimmer, this balm not only protects but gives me that hint of sparkle. What more could I ask for!

Balm Dotcom Universal Skin Salve – $12


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