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Traveling cross country with a renovated vintage Airstream

Tik Tok Comedian, Tyler Regan, and his girlfriend, sold off all their belongings during the pandemic and purchased a 1976 vintage Airstream. The couple then renovated the vehicle to travel across the country.

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Tyler did not plan on pursuing a career in comedy, it just happened. The 31-year-old TikTok Comedian spent his adolescent and young adult years in Philadelphia preparing to become a professional soccer player. A devastating ankle injury forced him to give up on that dream permanently.

In 2015 he graduated from college with a master’s degree in engineering and started an assistant project manager job. His then-girlfriend encouraged him to craft and post comical videos to his social media platform. For Tyler that was an opportunity to escape the boredom of his 9-to-5 and be his authentically weird self. After a short time, his brand of humor attracted an audience and took on a life of its own. His comedy-centric content now has over half a billion cumulative views, earning him 1.4 million Tik Tok Followers and 2 million followers across all of his social media platforms.

Growing up, the Philly native traveled with his family to unusual places like Vietnam and Cambodia instead of doing traditional American vacations. He has continued that trend into adulthood. This curiosity in life led him to agree when his girlfriend suggested selling all their belongings and refurbishing an exhilarating 1976 Airstream. “I’ve never spent as much as a day camping in my life,” Tyler says, “but living in downtown Los Angeles in the middle of a pandemic, you do crazy things.”

During the past year on the road, the couple has visited Nashville, Charleston, Savannah, Key West, Orlando, New Orleans, and Austin. Tyler will complete his adventurous travels in December. Next on the itinerary are the Ozarks, Oklahoma City, Santa Fe, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and Napa Valley. After a few weeks in wine country, he will return to his current residence in Los Angeles to continue working on TV/film and a forthcoming podcast.

His solid mix of commentary on politics, current affairs, and other newsworthy topics has the potential to earn a place in America’s cultural heart, as he pursues his comedy dreams in the face of despair


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