Traveling Light? What To Include In Carry On Luggage

Not every vacation you take will give you the benefit of ample luggage. Even when you check in a bag, you are forced to remain within a certain weight of luggage. Which is why many people consider traveling light for some of the shorter trips they do, city breaks, or simply relaxed vacations where not a lot of clothing is needed. As this is becoming more popular, I thought I would share with you some of the best items to include in your carry-on case. Helping you to avoid any packing disasters you might be faced with this summer.

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Try and be practical with your footwear

When it comes to carry-on cases, you are limited by the space you have for packing so footwear can take up a huge amount of space if you pack too many pairs. Try and think about what you will be doing and the type of shoes you will need. It may be worth wearing the heaviest and bulkiest pair to travel in, saving space in your case. Sandals can be stylish these days so you may be fortunate to only need to take with you one or two pairs at the most.


Dresses will work whatever vacation you are taking

Whether is sundresses for hotter climates or dressier options for flamboyant evenings out, a dress is a great addition to any carry-on case. They can be worn casually or dressed up with the right accessories and shoes. It means you can take a day outfit into the evening very seamlessly with minimal changes needed.




Pack your swimwear


Thankfully, swimwear is both lightweight and small to pack, so you won’t waste too much space packing a few different options for your holiday. However, try and stick with one cover up that would work with all swimwear options just to continue saving on space.

Think about your toiletries

It can be hard to pack some fluids in your cases, depending on where you are traveling to, so bare this in mind when packing your toiletries in your carry-on case. To save on space and weight, it may be worth considering buying any shampoos, body wash, and deodorant when you arrive.

Plan your outfits

It’s important to plan what you will be wearing each day and night you are away. This is to ensure that you don’t overpack anything. If you can mix and match your outfit choices and pack key pieces that will work with other items, it saves on space and weight. Thankfully, using a weather app on your phone or on the internet will help you indicate the kind of weather you will be enjoying.

Don’t forget about your accessories

You need to ensure that you have a bag with you that will work for your entire stay, this is also worth using as your handbag during travel as it does not count towards your luggage. Bonus. Also, as you will have planned your outfits, it will make accessories such as jewelry much easier to choose and coordinate.

We hope these tips help you if you decide to travel lighter on your next trip.

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