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Trendy Accessories Every Dude Needs this Summer


Temps are rising, layers are shedding, and legs are tanning—summer’s just around the corner! As you swap out your down comforter for your light summer blanket and pack away those puffy coats, make sure you’re putting your best flip-flopped foot forward with these must-have accessories for men for summer.

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Stylin’ Sandals

First thing’s first: your feet. No one likes sweaty, stinky feet, so sandals are a no-brainer for summertime. Ditch your dollar-store rubber flip flops for a respectable leather pair that say, “I party with style”.  If you’re just not a fan of the between-the-toes feel, a leather slide is a great option, as well.

If your summer plans are looking a little more strenuous than laying pool-side, you’re in luck. Athletic sandals aren’t just for your dad, anymore. Brands like Teva are popping up in high-end retailers left and right, and streetwear icons have officially proclaimed them “cool”. Their contoured footbed supports your feet in all the right places and tons of straps keep you secure, no matter what terrain you traverse. Best of all, lots of open air lets those tootsies breathe! 

Not sure where to start? Online shoe super-store Zappos offers fast, free shipping and returns, so you can order to your heart’s content. Order some options, grab some brews, and hit up your favorite bros for a summer sandal fashion show! 

Sweet Shades

Sunglasses for summer are an absolute must. Not only do they give you that “cool guy” vibe, but they keep your eyes healthy, too. The sun’s rays are just as harmful to your eyes as they are to your skin. While neon-colored freebies are tempting, they just don’t provide any protection for your peepers.

Ensure you’re covered by purchasing shades with 100% UV protection to block out harmful ultraviolet light, which can cause lasting damage to your eyes. Bonus points for polarized lenses, too. Those eliminate blinding glare, so you can see clearly, no matter what.

If you’re looking for a fresh (yet practical) pair of sunglasses for men that won’t break the bank, MVMT has you covered. They’ve got a full selection of 100% UV protection shades for faces of all shapes and sizes, with many options available polarized, too. Score the Runaway aviators for a retro-vibe, or the Prodigy to stand out in a crowd.

Wicked Wristwatch

While we’d all love to spend our summers carefree, we’ve gotta know what time it is, at least every once in a while. Every man needs the perfect watch—a watch tells the world who you are. The digital dude rocks an Apple watch, while a boating bro opts for something more nautical in style. No matter your vibe, there’s a watch to match.

When selecting your watch, consider your lifestyle. Are you a beach bum? Make sure your selection is totally waterproof. Gym rat? Check out options with a stopwatch to keep your reps in check. Do you tend to live off the grid? Opt for something old-school that won’t need to be regularly charged. 

Boss Bag

Every weekend warrior needs a wicked weekender bag for wherever life may take them. Let’s face it: it’s time to upgrade your gym-class duffle for something a little more presentable. When you’re not traveling long enough to warrant a suitcase, a solid weekender bag is just the answer.

No one likes an over-packer, and when you’ve got a 48-hour trip ahead, efficiency is key. A solid weekender has just enough space for you to bring everything you need—and nothing you don’t. Look for a bag with plenty of compartments so you can keep your odds and ends organized, and both a shoulder strap and handles, so you’ve got options carrying-wise. Quality is also a must. This bag’s going to go through a lot, so make sure you’re spending your money on something that will last.

Let’s face it: accessories are extra important in summer. Less layers mean more eyes on your accessories. Don’t be intimidated by the spotlight. Curating your accessories is all about letting the world know who you are, and doing it with style!

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