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TRESemme’s virtual hair salon

There are endless possibilities that come with virtual reality. Things that we can’t even imagine right now will be a big part of our future one day.

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Although this whole new world can seem a bit scary at times, it also comes with many positive aspects! Imagine never going wrong with a new hairstyle again, and being able to see and design your outfits before you mess up your closet by trying everything on. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

At an online event last week the hair product brand TRESemme and the innovative technology and design company Exarta gave a sneak peek of the possibilities that come with the virtual world by showcasing their Metaverse collaboration.

The first step of the virtual experience was to select and dress an avatar, with various clothes, colors, and accessories to choose from. Once the outfit was completed, the avatar entered the salon for a hair treatment. The movements were controlled by the keys of the computer. After selecting a seat, the avatar was treated with a chosen TRESemme product combination.

The experience ended with the avatar walking down the runway to music with a noticeable hair change, giving a glimpse of how the Metaverse can allow customers to test new products before they buy them.


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