Tried & True: Applause-Worthy Hand Sanitizers

What’s in my handbag? More important than lip-gloss or mascara…HAND SANITIZER! Here are my favorite affordable antibacterial products from Welly, BRAVO SIERRA and Baby Bum, that are sure to help keep the flu and other viruses at bay.

Welly Clean Hands, Single Use Hand Sanitizer($3.99, Target)

Grab this handy refill of hand sanitizers and place in your favorite Welly tin, throw in your purse or even your wallet! Keep hands clean when sinks and soap are not available and protect yourself from germs when you are on the go. Available in a 12 count of refill are designed to repurpose and reuse the stackable tins – for you to customize your first aid kit!

BRAVO SIERRA Antibacterial Wipes ($10.50,

Protect against germs this season with BRAVO SIERRA’s antibacterial, biodegradable wipes. These ten individually wrapped, alcohol-free extra sturdy body wipes are the ultimate on-the-go solution, formulated with an active antibacterial agent to kill 99.99% of germs in 60 seconds. Enriched with soothing aloe vera, energizing ginseng and blue algae for a refreshing wipe-down.

Baby Bum Hand Sanitizer($3.99, Target)

Baby Bum’s plant-based Hand Sanitizer is the perfect antibacterial solution to stay germ-free this winter. The small bottle can fit into any carry on or purse and provides on-the-go protection by killing 99.9% of germs found in everyday places. Without the harsh chemicals found in traditional hand sanitizers, Baby Bum’s unique formula smells good and doesn’t leave a sticky mess. The spray feature is easy to use and great for kids and adults alike.


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