Tried & True: Rootd

I recently discovered a fizzy vitamin drink called Rootd and if you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a simple way to boost your health—and the health of the planet. Formulated and tested by nutritionists, this high-potency drink is 100% pure, produced sustainably in the USA. The creators wanted a healthy and fun way for us to take our vitamins every day that didn’t involve swallowing an annoying pill or eating a sugar-filled gummy. They formulated this powerhouse drink to both taste delicious and ensure that we are getting the vitamins promised in each fizzy drink. It’s so simple and the drink tastes pretty darn good! Each morning after breakfast, I tear open a packet of the WOMEN’S MULTIVITAMIN – Natural Açai and sip my way to some much needed nutrients to fuel my day. The super greens inspired multivitamin is formulated with probiotics, electrolytes, and a scientific balance of the 25 essential vitamins and minerals.

What I also really love…

The Rootd team is out to change the way we produce products in the USA by vowing to plant 10 million trees and clean up 10 million pounds of plastic from the Earth and seas over the next ten years. Their goal is to produce all of their packaging plastic-free and sustainably within the USA in the next decade. As of now, their packaging in total is comprised of less than 5% plastic.


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