Turn Your Home Into the Ultimate Sophisticated Space: Luxe Home Designer Roxy Sowlaty Shows You How


Like fashion, interior design is always evolving. Fortunately, BELLA had the chance to sit down with interior design pro Roxy Sowlaty, owner of Roxy Sowlaty Interiors and luxe home goods line DecorMe, to get the latest tips and trends on making any space look like it had a million-dollar makeover.

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What inspired you to launch your own luxe home goods line?

I love designing pieces and furniture, and I am big on creating moods with scents. So I thought, “My first product will be a candle.” I wanted to offer people luxury items for good prices so they could add beauty to their home. I just love creating beautiful items that anyone can buy and make their space look prettier.

What are some new products we can expect to see this spring?

More chairs in more styles, and more pillows in different fabrics. I am also doing trays and beautiful acrylic cups that can be used to display makeup brushes or pencils/pens – just beautiful tabletop accessories.

What is your signature accent?

I am big on scents, which is why I have my own candle collection. I always put one of my candles in the spaces I design. I think a home’s scent is part of its design.

What must-have item completes a space?

A large-scale rug. I always like my rugs [to be] bigger than my other furniture so all the furniture floats on top of the rug and defines the space. To me, without the right rug, the room never feels complete.

What can you never have too much of?

Coffee table books! The more you have, the more chic it looks and the more eclectic it feels. They are beautiful to add on your coffee table, fireplace mantle, side tables, nightstands, or anywhere else you can think of. You can never have enough books.   

What is the hottest trend in decor right now?

Brass, copper, and marble are so hot right now. Brass is anything with gold finish, copper has a rose-gold finish, and mixing them with white and marble is so trendy. Everyone is going crazy for them, even for desk accessories. Everyone wants brass or copper lamps. CBK, West Elm, and Anthropologie have beautiful pieces for good prices. They’re my favorites.

What DIY tip are you obsessing about right now?

Something I recently discovered is brass and copper tape. My friend had these black, framed mirror doors in her house and I covered them with brass tape. It looked so custom and beautiful, and it cost $3. If you buy a cute console but you want the handles to be gold instead of silver, just cover them up with brass tape on top. It will look fancy and expensive.

What is your definition of beauty within a space?

When you walk in and feel at ease.

Sidebar 1: 3 Key Elements That Comprise a Well-Designed Room:

  1. Balance in your overall space
  2. Symmetry
  3. Mixing and matching interesting elements

Pro Tip:

Trays are the easiest way to make anything look good. When you put a tray on a coffee table and then put your stuff on top of the tray, it automatically springs. It’s an easy way to organize and to make your displays more beautiful.

Get Expert Advice on Your Space

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